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Publish Date: Apr 16, 2015

The IAS was founded as a high-profile initiative to showcase Durham University’s research capacity, including promoting excellence nationally and internationally, facilitating multi- and inter-disciplinary research, catalysing new research capacity, and harnessing the potential for creativity and collaboration. Furthering these aims and lying at the heart of the Institute’s activities are the Fellowship programmes organised and administered by the IAS.
IAS Fellowship Programme. Deadline: Jun. 5, 2015

The Fellowships are designed to attract talented researchers, both junior and senior, from across the globe and build international networks with a common passion for the deepest theoretical questions and most pressing practical problems facing humanity. We are able to bring academics as well as non-academics not only to the Institute via its IAS Fellowship programme but also to Departments and other Research Institutes following the introduction, in 2011, of the DIFeREns Fellowships.

The DIFeREns scheme has also seen the introduction of Junior Research Fellowship, as well as Senior Research Fellowships and Policy & Enterprise Fellowships.

The official announcement and description of this opportunity may be found on the funding agency's website:


Disciplinary Category:
Arts & Humanities; Environmental & Life Sciences; International Opportunities; Physical Sciences & Engineering; Social Sciences.
Applicant Type:

Applicants of any nationality are eligible to apply
Applicants from any discipline are eligible to apply

Applicants may come from an academic or non-academic background (e.g. public intellectuals, artists, writers, film makers, journalists, policy makers, politicians)
Applicants should either be mid/late career scholars and non-academics who have an established international reputation for research leadership or public impact or early/mid-career individuals with an emerging international reputation who are beginning to shape the agenda in their field.
Applicants must submit a complete application as described in the Application Procedures
Applicants must agree to the conditions of the IAS Fellowships as described in the Further Particulars

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