Zurbarán Doctoral Scholarship for the Study of Spanish Art 2021, UK

Durham University


March 31, 2021

The Zurbarán Centre is a Durham University research institution that promotes an enhanced understanding of the visual and performing arts through the study of their geographical, historical, and material manifestations in Spain and Latin America. We work together with our staff, students and alumni, our colleges, faculties and departments, our partners and communities at the local and global level to provide world-class research, education, and creative outreach activities. Our aim is to inspire curiosity about, engagement with, and enjoyment of the Spanish and Latin American visual repertoire in its dynamic dialogue with other artistic schools and traditions by promoting research that is transdisciplinary in nature, transnational in scope, and transcultural in its approach to the visual and performing arts. We collaborate with partners worldwide to spark new discoveries and devise new ways of promoting an enhanced understanding of Spanish and Latin American art through an ambitious but agile programme of residential scholarships, pre- and postdoctoral fellowships, international student exchanges, public lectures, international exhibitions, scholarly publications, social media activities, and digital services.

A remarkable cluster of collections

The Centre’s twin focus is on County Durham’s remarkable collections in Spanish art dating from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, on the one hand, and Durham University’s exceptional strengths in Spanish and Latin American studies, on the other. The twin catalysts for this initiative are The Auckland Project’s major arts and heritage-led regeneration project in Bishop Auckland and Durham University’s strategic investment in visual arts and culture, entailing, among others, a collaborative partnership with The Bowes Museum, internationally famous for its Spanish, French and Italian collections.

A strategic partnership

The Zurbarán Centre will operate in a symbiotic relationship with the Spanish Gallery (due to open in 2021) in Bishop Auckland, and promotes cutting-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, in areas related to the themes and narratives of the Spanish Gallery. While the Spanish Gallery will be entirely and solely devoted to Spanish art from the Middle Ages to the present time, the remit of the Zurbarán Centre encompasses also the artistic presence and production in Latin America in both its visual and performative variants.

The Zurbarán Centre offers a residential fellowship programme to junior and senior scholars as well as artists, photographers and filmmakers wishing to conduct research on Spanish and/or Latin American Art in collaboration with members of the Centre. The Zurbarán Fellowship covers for lodging and full board at St Mary's College up to two months during term times, and includes an honorarium to cover travel and other expenses during the tenure of the fellowship. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our residential fellowship programme is currently suspended. The 2-year Pemberton Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded in collaboration with University College, Durham Castle.

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