Peace Building Research and Study Opportunities

What to Expect, if You Have Chosen to Study Peacebuilding!

Peacebuilding is a complex process of societal transformation, economic progress and political stabilization, humanitarian response and re-construction, which follows conflict settlement. This is an enormous process of building capacities of various stakeholders to provide appropriate services and assistance to population, as well as promote rule of law and protect human rights.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs on Peace Building

Peacebuilding is a broad multidisciplinary academic course, focusing on delivering theory and skills. Bachelor’s degree programs on peacebuilding, while being comparatively general, offer courses on public policy and research methods, international relations and law, social work, post-traumatic psychology and many more. The skills component of this academic program puts a lot of emphasis on negotiation, leadership, mediation, communication.

Graduate programs on peacebuilding are more specialized in their approach. These, among the above mentioned, focus on advocacy and lobbying, campaigning and public relations. Students explore the roles of various stakeholders in bringing peace and making it sustainable, such as: international and donor organizations, developed countries and their coalitions. Many of graduate degree programs on peacebuilding combine the course with international development, globalization, gender, humanitarian response, media studies, diaspora studies etc.

Scholarships and fellowships in peacebuilding

Various organizations, foundations, memorial trusts, Universities and Departments offer scholarships and fellowships for peacebuilding scholars, professionals and students. Those opportunities are directly available when applying for a degree course or as a travel grant to participate in conferences and summer schools.

What Career Prospects Await Graduates of Peacebuilding Programs

Did you study peacebuilding? Then you have vast opportunities of employment ranging from public institutions to grassroots organizations. The pool of career options varies from negotiators to governmental officers, development aid workers and human rights activists, peace educators and lawyers.

How Can ARMACAD help?

ARMACAD presents a detailed database of diverse academic and professional programs and events, such as conferences, summer schools and workshops, as well as scholarships, grants and awards for practitioners of humanitarian assistance, prospective students, interested in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, as well as representatives of many other academic fields enthusiastic to learn more on strategies of bringing peace and prosperity to countries in transition.