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Thousands of study and academic opportunities in Data Sciences are available internationally. Conferences and summer schools in Data Sciences are organized regularly in the best academic centers of the world. The majority of universities and many foundations also offer BA, MA, and Ph.D. programs in Data Sciences as wells as postdoctoral research grants, awards, and fellowships. Below you will find the updated list of international opportunities available in Data Sciences.

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The popularity of Data Science Discipline

Data Science is a booming profession in the era when humans live more online than offline. All the interactions with different companies and all the daily business procedures are recorded and stored as a big pool of noisy data. 

Data Science as a discipline emerged to make striking business decisions out of the disparate data. Data scientists clean and analyze data, helping business people penetrate customer psychology patterns, making close to exact predictions and strategies. 

Data scientists charge the engine of future innovations. The world can find cures to diseases, identify national security threats, and many other technological miracles with the data analytics & decision-making processes running behind. 

So, if your skills and interests correspond to pursue data science, you are at the hotspot of your academic and career opportunities. 

The discipline has three components:

  • Predictive analytics is used to forecast future events based on historical performance data. Knowing what to expect tomorrow helps make better plannings and investments today. 
  • Prescriptive analytics is predictive analytics + method. It adds advice and development suggestions to businesses, rather than solely making predictions. 
  • Machine learning helps to apply supervised learning on the previous data. You can teach your machines and add artificial intelligence to them with this method. 

Constructing Data Science Academic and Career Path

Above in this article and by clicking "Jump to all opportunities," you will find the abundance of academic programs and events to study Data Science. You can pursue a full academic path with the discipline, from the lowest to the highest possible degrees. 

The profession of a data scientist is highly demanded. If it's not so in your country of residence, it will be soon. Therefore, starting with a Bachelor's degree in Data Science, you can find employment with higher salaries than the industry average. 

Here it is worth highlighting that industry behemoths also give priority in hiring data scientists who have completed online courses. Take the Udacity Data Science nanodegree program as one of the examples. 

Generally, advanced math skills were always highly valued in the employment market. In addition to math, data scientists should also have at least some coding skills. The main two programming language choices for data scientists are Python and R.

However, most employers prefer data science professionals with Master's degrees, as undergraduate programs usually give computer science and math skills. In contrast, graduate programs already master students in data science, data analytics, and related fields. 

You should not be satisfied with Bachelor's and apply to Master's degree if you want to gain expertise in the following fields:

  1. Predictive analytics
  2. Statistical modeling
  3. Big data
  4. Data mining applications
  5. Data-driven decision making
  6. Data visualization, etc. 

Aside from the Master's and Ph.D., Data Science has numerous online courses and events, some of which are mentioned above. Those programs provide highly relevant and up-to-date training, as the discipline is relatively new and rapidly evolving. 

As a data scientist, you will be required to apply different techniques and approaches to solve the issues. However, the usual working routine of the data scientist is as follows:

Identify the problem → Acquire problem-relevant data → Process and clean data → Investigate and make analysis → Apply relevant models and algorithms → Measure and improve results → Prepare and present final result to stakeholders.

Data Science will give you a large spectrum of the demanded skills so that you can work in most positions related to statistics, analytics, predictions, etc. The below job vacancies are the most popular career destinations data scientists have after earning their degrees:

  1. Data scientist
  2. Data analyst
  3. Data engineer
  4. Business intelligence specialist
  5. Data architect

As mentioned by Glassdoor, data scientists are in the ten best jobs in America for salary, job openings, and employee satisfaction rates. Therefore, we hope that landing on our page of Data Science opportunities will not leave you indifferent toward the discipline. The world needs Data Science professionals, and you need a great and competitive profession.