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PhD Scholarship 2021 in the Field of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Publish Date: Mar 08, 2021

Deadline: Apr 15, 2021


PhD Scholarship in the Field of Marketing at the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School

Based in architecturally beautiful buildings in central Copenhagen, the Department of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a leading provider of excellent research-based education. This is an exciting time for us, as we celebrated recently our 100th anniversary. Our strategy is unashamedly ambitious. Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in marketing education in Scandinavia and a leading marketing department on a European level, held in high esteem in terms of our research and education. Our mission is to deliver excellent research-led education to an international audience at all levels, and to engage with business and society. 

Faculty members are committed to rigorous theory development and theory-driven, empirical research—outcomes that are central goals for any reputed business school. The Department focuses on contributing to a holistic understanding of the interactions and activities in the marketplace. Thus, our research focuses on marketing, yet we draw on other academic disciplines to the extent that they improve the quality of our marketing research. We accordingly publish in both marketing and other relevant journals contained within the Academic Journal Guide (AJG; formerly ABS) ranking list. The research of the Department covers broad areas (often cross-disciplinary) in marketing. Faculty members use a wide range of methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative. Through our research-based teaching, we contribute across a palette of courses and programs at Copenhagen Business School.

The Department invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship in the field of marketing. We are looking for a PhD student who will be interested in and qualified to undertake research. We are particularly looking for applicants interested in one of the following research areas (tentative supervisor[s] have been added in parenthesis; you are welcome to reach out to these supervisor[s] for additional information):

• Artificial intelligence (AI) and consumer behavior (Dr. Antonia Erz / Dr. Edlira Shehu).
• Consumer vulnerability (Dr. Gülen Sarial Abi / Dr. Sylvia von Wallpach / Dr. Thyra Uth Thomsen).
• Artificial intelligence (AI) for sales management (Dr. Michel van der Borgh).
• Evolutionary psychology (Dr. Florian Kock / Dr. Adam Lindgreen).
• Geolocational modeling and spatial consumption (Dr. Erik Braun / Dr. Szilvia Gyimóthy Mørup-Petersen).
• Individual approach to markets (Dr. Tore Kristensen).
• Sustainable consumption (Dr. Torben Hansen / Dr. Thyra Uth Thomsen).
• Tourism and responsible consumption (Dr. Alexander Josiassen / Dr. Florian Kock).

A typical (but not limited to) research focus would be an exploration, testing, or identification of drivers/motivators related to above topics within a managerial, consumer, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or consumer-to-consumer context and how this contributes to theoretical/behavioral understandings of business and/or consumption interaction/outcomes.

Teaching responsibilities during the PhD program comprise undergraduate and graduate courses. The PhD student can become involved in externally funded research, too.

The Department will give priority to PhD applicants with a high grade point average (GPA).

The three-year PhD program at CBS allows the PhD students to conduct research under the supervision of faculty, supported by research training courses. The PhD program is highly international, and the PhD students are expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time (ideally abroad) as a visiting PhD student at a leading university. 

PhD graduates from CBS are held in high esteem not only in academia and research institutions, but also in government and business where their research qualifications increasingly are in demand. One third of our PhD graduates go on to employment outside universities and public research institutions.

At CBS, we have a broad commitment to the excellence, distinctiveness, and relevance of our research and teaching programs. Candidates who wish to join us should demonstrate enthusiasm for working in an organization of this type, highlighting, for example, relevant research, business, educational, and dissemination activities.

Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Danish Ministry of Finance’s agreement with the Central Academic Organization.

General Information

A PhD scholarship runs for a period of three years and includes teaching obligations (840 work hours). The scholarship is a salaried position, according to the national Danish collective agreement. The scholarship includes the tuition fees, office space, travel grants plus a salary, currently starting with per month app. DKK 27,363 up to DKK 33,045 depending on seniority plus a pension contribution totaling 17.1 %

The PhD candidate will be enrolled in our CBS’ PhD School.

To be considered, the applicant must have a basic training at a Master’s level (similar to the 3 + 2 Bologna process; see also later for specific requirements). An educational background in the social sciences is necessary. The applicant must have completed successfully a Master’s degree before commencing the PhD at CBS. Also, the applicant must absolutely be fluent in English, both in spoken and written forms.

A PhD application (see link below) must include the following proposed PhD project description:

• The names of the tentative supervisor(s).
• The name of the PhD candidate.
• Title of proposed PhD project.
• Abstract of proposed PhD project (maximum 100 words).
• Description of the proposed PhD project (maximum 2,000 words excluding references) with the following sub headings:
o Research topic.
o Research approach/method.
o Literature references.
o Tentative time plan.
o Expected scientific output of the research project (including tentative journal outlets).
o Societal and scientific relevance of research project.

Please note that we request the above in order to test for PhD applicants’ interest in and capability of undertaking high-quality research. The actual research that the successful PhD student eventually will undertake depends on the supervisors.

Furthermore, a PhD application must include copies of a Master’s degree certificate (or other certificates of a corresponding level; grades for all courses and dissertation must appear on this certificate; see below), a brief curriculum vitae (CV), a list of any working papers and publications, and one copy of a selected written work (e.g., Master’s thesis). Furthermore, GMAT or GRE test scores are strongly recommended.

Also, an application must include a document that details that the PhD applicant fulfils the following requirements:
• 3-years 180 ECTS bachelor degree.
• 2-years 120 ECTS master degree with a 30 ECTS master’s degree dissertation with a grade of minimum 10 (following CBS’s 7-point scale; the grade 10 on this 7-point scale is equal to 10/12 = 83.3% out of a maximum of 100%).
The document must also explain how the PhD candidate has attained the following graduate point average (GPA) score:
• Either: a combined GPA of 8.2 on CBS’ 7-point scale (i.e., 8.2/12 = 68.3%). You combine your bachelor’s GPA and master’s GPA by applying the following calculation: (180 x Bachelor’s GPA + 120 x Master’s GPA) / 300.
• Or: GPA of 9.5 (on CBS’s 7-point scale) in your master’s degree (corresponding to 9.5/12 = 79.2%).

This document (that details how the PhD applicant fulfils the requirements) should include a detailed overview of each of the PhD applicant’s course grades (bachelor and master degrees) including a detailed overview in an Excel table that translates each course grade into % (following CBS’ 7-point scale). For example, if you have a grading system of 1-5 (with for example 5 being the highest), and you get 4.5 in a course, then you convert the grade to % as follows: 4.5/5 = 90%.

Finally, a PhD applicant must include a letter of motivation; and three referees (with the full contact details including telephone, e-mail, and institution) must be stated. If needed, we will contact these referees for further elaboration.

A committee of marketing experts will assess the received PhD applications. The assessment of the PhD applications will be based on the quality and relevance of the research proposal, including an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to accomplish it, as well as the supervision team. Following this assessment, the PhD candidate is selected.

Please find and follow guidelines and further information on PhD scholarships and the PhD Program at

The PhD application must be sent via the electronic recruitment system using the link below. Please include all requested material. Any PhD application, which does not follow the requested procedure or which does not contain all the requested information, will not be considered. All materials including all appendices (see items above) must be received by the application deadline.

Note: We are advertising two PhD scholars. Due to administrative procedure, there are two calls (one call for each PhD scholarship). When applying, please apply for both of the PhD scholars (once you have uploaded your information for one of the PhD scholarships, you simply have to upload your materials once again for the other PhD scholarship).

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