Summer School on The Morality of Discrimination, 1-6 July 2019, CEU, Hungary

Central European University (CEU)


February 14, 2019

Event Date:

July 01, 2019 - July 05, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School on The Morality of Discrimination, 1-6 July 2019, CEU, Hungary

The Morality of Discrimination

Recent philosophical discussions about discrimination have focused on what makes discrimination wrongful in paradigmatic cases, such as in examples involving sexist hiring committees or racist university admissions procedures. The purpose of this course is to provide a forum within which to build upon these foundations by exploring the further complications that arise in more controversial cases of the kind that we encounter most commonly. Throughout the course, we will explore questions such as the following:

•    Is it wrong for the manager of a nightclub to hire on the basis of an applicant’s good looks?
•    Is it wrong for someone to choose where to live, or where to send her child to school, based upon the racial or ethnic make-up of the local population?
•    If so, is this kind of discrimination wrong for the same reasons, and to the same degree, as discrimination in professional contexts?
•    May the state interfere in individual’s private lives so as to minimise wrongful discrimination of this kind (assuming that it is wrongful) and, if so, which kinds of interventions are justifiable?

Answering these questions requires us to reflect upon whether the wrongness of discrimination varies when it intersects with concerns relating to personal autonomy, bodily integrity, privacy, and family life.

This one-week course will have three parts. First, we will spend one day surveying competing accounts of the wrongness of discrimination so as to familiarise students with existing debates in the philosophical literature. Second, we will spend two days investigating more controversial aspects of discrimination, focusing on discrimination in our private lives and on appearance-based discrimination. Third, we will spend two days evaluating various policy responses to wrongful discrimination, exploring the justifiability of affirmative action and of various policy responses to gender discrimination and the gendered division of labour.

Program Costs

· Tuition Fee: 300 EUR (Early Bird fee: 270 EUR)

· Accommodation in CEU Residence Center:

- In single room: 28 EUR/ night / person - including breakfast

- In shared double room: 17 EUR/ night / person - including breakfast

· Estimated living costs: 120 - 160 EUR

Financial Aid

The course is generously funded by CEU enabling participation at a low, subsidized tuition cost. As some applicants may have difficulty paying for tuition and/or some of the other associated costs (travel and accommodation), we may be able to offer a limited number of tuition fee waivers, and, in exceptional circumstances, a travel and/or accommodation bursary. The number of travel and/or accommodation stipends is likely to be very small and we advise prospective applicants to research other funding possibilities.

Faculty and Ph.D. students are advised to approach their home departments for travel grants; researchers may have research grants available which can cover their participation; and professionals may turn to their employers to fund their training at SUN.

In case an applicant is accepted to two courses, which is possible if the two courses are not overlapping, financial aid is only available for attending one course.

Financial Aid package

· Tuition Waiver
Financial aid: tuition fee waived
Participant's own contribution: health insurance, travel, accommodation and living expenses

· Partial SUN Scholarship
Financial aid: tuition fee waived and free accommodation (available on an exceptional basis to a very limited number, subject to the availability of funds)
Participant's own contribution: health insurance, travel and living expenses


· Full SUN Scholarship
Financial aid: tuition fee waived; free accommodation and a full or partial travel grant (available on exceptional basis to a very limited number, subject to the availability of funds)  
Participant’s own contribution: health insurance and living expenses.

How to apply

Below is the list of the documents you need to prepare or arrange for submission:

1. Completed online SUN Application Form (see notes below)

2. Full curriculum vitae or resume, including list of publications, if any
Please upload your Curriculum Vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any.

3. Statement of Purpose

In the Statement of Purpose please describe how the course is relevant to your teaching, research or professional work, and in what way you expect to benefit from it. Please list relevant courses in the field you have taken previously during your studies.

Please provide a name, contact email and phone number of a person (a faculty member, job supervisor, etc.) who can be contacted by the course directors to attest to your abilities, qualifications, and academic/professional performance.

4. Writing sample in English related to the course theme

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