Summer School on Fields of Vision: Memory, Identity, and Images of the Past, 27 June - 5 July 2019, CEU, Hungary

Central European University (CEU)


February 14, 2019

Event Date:

June 27, 2019 - July 05, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer School on Fields of Vision: Memory, Identity, and Images of the Past, 27 June - 5 July 2019, CEU, Hungary

Fields of Vision: Memory, Identity, and Images of the Past

This course focuses on the construction of memory and identity narratives through images. Its seminars and workshops are designed to complement each other while developing participants’ abilities to analyze and communicate with and through images which is a required competency nowadays both inside and outside of the academia. The course explores narrative constructions of personal and collective identities and representations of the past (particularly the traumatic events of the twentieth century) by addressing works made in various media – modern art, documentary and fiction film, TV broadcasts, multimedia and web-based projects.  
The study of images generated, circulated, and stored on a variety of media, and their social embeddedness takes many forms. Our course enhances participants’ skills for decoding the changing mechanisms of meaning-making and new practices of image production, interpretation, and social use. 
Our program brings together theoretical and methodological courses on various media with practice-based discussions which include workshops by an internationally acknowledged documentary filmmaker and a prominent visual artist. During the seminars and workshops the participants also discuss dilemmas brought by participatory media, new practices of curating, and interactive media production. The intensive program targets advanced graduate students and junior faculty who seek to acquire new interpretative skills in a creative interdisciplinary environment. The participants are expected to apply the new knowledge in their own future work on designing new courses, developing new collaborative research projects, and also start creative artistic projects dealing with historical materials. 

Program Costs

· Tuition Fee: 300 EUR (Early Bird fee: 270 EUR)

· Accommodation in CEU Residence Center:

- In single room: 28 EUR/ night / person - including breakfast

- In shared double room: 17 EUR/ night / person - including breakfast

Estimated living costs: 200 - 250 EUR

Financial Aid 

The course is generously funded by CEU enabling participation at a low, subsidized tuition cost. As some applicants may have difficulty paying for tuition and/or some of the other associated costs (travel and accommodation), we may be able to offer a limited number of tuition fee waivers, and, in exceptional circumstances, a travel and/or accommodation bursary. The number of travel and/or accommodation stipends is likely to be very small and we advise prospective applicants to research other funding possibilities.  

Those who wish to apply for financial aid should specify their reasons in the “Personal statement on financial aid” section (Funding page of the application form).

Faculty and Ph.D. students are advised to approach their home departments for travel grants; researchers may have research grants available which can cover their participation; and professionals may turn to their employers to fund their training at SUN. 

Financial Aid packages 

· Tuition Waiver 
Financial aid: tuition fee waived 
Participant's own contribution: health insurance, travel, accommodation and living expenses 

· Partial SUN Scholarship 
Financial aid: tuition fee waived and free accommodation in a shared double room 
Participant's own contribution: health insurance, travel and living expenses 

· Full SUN Scholarship 
Financial aid: tuition fee waived; free accommodation in a shared double room and a full or partial travel grant. Visa costs and short domestic trips are not reimbursed.  
Participant’s own contribution: health insurance and living expenses. 

How to apply

Below is the list of the documents you need to prepare or arrange for submission:

1. Completed online SUN Application Form (see notes below)

2. Full curriculum vitae or resume, including list of publications, if any
Please upload your Curriculum Vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any.

3. Statement of Purpose

In the Statement of Purpose please describe how the course is relevant to your teaching, research or professional work, and in what way you expect to benefit from it. Please list relevant courses in the field you have taken previously during your studies.

Please provide a name, contact email and phone number of a person (a faculty member, job supervisor, etc.) who can be contacted by the course directors to attest to your abilities, qualifications, and academic/professional performance.

4. The project you are currently working on and would like to present at the summer school

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