American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange Program 2017, USA

Publish Date: Sep 13, 2017

American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange

American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE) participants spend an academic year in the United States, living with American host families and attending high school.

A-SMYLE participants will also have the opportunity to learn about youth leadership, civic responsibility, community activism, democracy, and American society, as well as educate Americans about their countries and cultures.

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are accepted.

To apply, you must be:

  • From Serbia or Montenegro, and;
  • Between the ages of 15-17.

Program applications are available online through the U.S. Department of State partner organization, American Councils.

Application Contact Information

Ilije Garašanina 9, Apt. 8, 6th Floor
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: 381-66-55-70-100
Vasa Raickovica 14, 1st floor
81000 Podgorica



Orientations include a pre-departure orientation, a post-arrival orientation, a parents orientation, a U.S. host family orientation, a mid-program orientation and a closure and re-entry orientation. These orientations deal with issues such as skills for dealing with a new culture, returning home, and alumni programming.

Leadership Development

The A-SMYLE program offers participants hands-on training in leadership skills. Program activities expose students to models of leadership and offer discussions of leadership issues.

Enhancement Activities

A-SMYLE students participate in non-academic activities outside of the school setting. This includes reaching out to the community to teach Americans about Serbia or Montenegro, doing community service projects, and learning about citizen participation in government and in dealing with community problems. These enhancement activities are designed to provide students with the opportunity for community and public service. They promote an understanding of the role of volunteering in America.

Program Application Details

Round 1: Pre-Test

Students meeting the age and grade criteria are invited to take a 16 question, multiple choice English test. Locations and dates can be found on the American Councils website.

Round 2: English Proficiency and Essay Tests

Students who successfully complete Round 1 are invited to take a standardized EFL test. Students are also asked to write three in-class essays (in English) in response to specific questions.

Round 3: Application and Interviews

In round three, students are asked to submit complete applications and are interviewed. Less than 15 percent of original applicants are invited to complete applications. Applicants also participate in group interviews. These are conducted in the applicant's native language and led by recruiting staff members.

Round 4: Selection

American Councils-trained volunteer evaluators meet daily to carefully review the applications and complete the selection process. Finalists are chosen and the search for safe and appropriate host families, where the students will live while in the United States, begins.

Please visit the American Councils website for additional selection information

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