Grant Programmes 2020, AHF Transforming Heritage, UK

Publish Date: Mar 07, 2020

Deadline: Apr 07, 2020

Grant Programmes 

Transforming Places
Through Heritage

This programme supports projects that will contribute to the transformation of high streets and town centres in England helping them become thriving places, strengthening local communities and encouraging local economies to prosper.  It is part of a wider initiative to revive heritage high streets in England, alongside Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zones. Together, these programmes form part of the Future High Streets Fund, administered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Our programme is for individual heritage buildings in, or transferring to, community ownership. We will support charities and social enterprises to develop projects with the potential to bring new life to high streets by creating alternative uses for redundant or underused historic buildings in town centres.

What types of funding are available and when can I apply?

The AHF can provide grants to help with assessing the viability of a project, or to help fund development costs or to match funds raised through Crowdfunding and Community Shares. We will also provide a small number of capital (delivery) grants for Transformational Projects. Below you will find the dates for the opening of initial grant applications and please download the Programme Guide to find out more about the types and amounts of grants available.

  • Project Viability Grants: up to £15,000, for early viability and feasibility work, open now for applications.

  • Project Development Grants: up to £100,000, for capital project development costs, open now for applications.

  • Crowdfunding Challenge Grants: up to £25,000, to match fund crowdfunding campaigns, open now for applications.

  • Transformational Project Grants: up to £350,000, for transformational capital projects, open now for applications. Deadline for applications: 7th April 2020, for a decision at the end of June 2020.

  • Community Shares Booster Grants: further info to be announced.

Which areas will be eligible?

The programme will focus on places where strategic regeneration programmes are planned or are already underway. This includes Heritage Action Zones or places that have secured funding through the Future High Streets Fund. Historic building projects located within other area-based regeneration programmes, such as Townscape Heritage areas or where an applicant can demonstrate a significant community-led strategic approach is in place, will also be considered. Projects should not be standalone but sit within a wider initiative to regenerate and bring a new purpose to the immediate surrounding area.  

Please note that our grants cannot be used to fund the same work that is being grant-aided through a Future High Streets Fund or High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme. These strands of funding cannot partner each other, but will fund projects that are complementary. These strands of funding may separately fund different stages of one project.

Grant Eligibility

To apply for our grants, you must be a not-for-private-profit organisation (see below for acceptable forms).

In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, you can apply for projects located anywhere: in cities, towns, or rural areas.

In England, you can apply for the Transforming Places scheme only if:

  1. Your project involves a heritage building located in a high street or town centre in England, and:

  2. This location is the focus of a wider strategy or initiative which aims to revitalise the high street or town centre - a place-based initiative.

Who can apply?

Wherever you are in the UK, your organisation must be one of the following not-for-private-profit organisations or lowest tiers of local government:


  • Unincorporated charities (for Project Viability Grants only)

  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs or SCIOs)

  • Charitable Companies Limited by Guarantee

  • Charitable Community Benefit Societies

  • Community Benefit Societies

  • Not-for-private-profit Companies Limited by Guarantee

  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) Limited by Guarantee

  • Co-operatives

  • Parish and Town Councils

We will not generally fund:

  • Private individuals

  • Local authorities and other public sector bodies other than Parish and Town Councils (unless applying on behalf of an organisation still in formation)

  • Universities, colleges and other mainstream educational institutions including independent schools

  • For-profit companies, unless in a partnership led by a not-for-profit organisation

  • Unincorporated organisations (e.g. charitable trusts and associations) that are not intending to incorporate

  • Organisations with fewer than three Trustees or Directors. If there are only three Trustees/Directors, none of these should be spouses or otherwise related to one another.

  • Limited liability partnerships

  • Churches or other places of worship, where the building will remain in use primarily as a place of religious worship – defined as hosting more than six religious services per year.

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