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Green River College International Scholarships 2020, USA


February 15, 2020



Opportunity Cover Image - Green River College International Scholarships 2020, USA

Scholarships in the form of tuition waivers and work grants (paid, part-time campus jobs) are offered to NEW and CURRENT full-time (12+ credits) F-1 students. A NEW student is accepted but hasn't attended; a CURRENT student has attended Green River one or more quarters.


Achievement, Merit & Leadership Scholarships
  • Deadline: August 15 (Fall), November 15 (Winter), February 15 (Spring), May 15 (Summer)
  • Eligibility: NEW students
  • Available: Many $200-$500
  • Requirements:
    1. New International Student Scholarship Application [PDF]
    2. Transcript copy (English)

Leadership Work Grant: International Student Ambassador (ISA) Apprentice
  • Deadline: July 10 (Fall), December 4 (Winter), February 26 (Spring)
  • Eligibility: NEW students
  • Available: Four (4) available, up to $1,000
  • Requirements:
    1. International Student Ambassador Apprentice Application [PDF]
    2. Transcript copy (English)


Achievement Scholarship
  • Deadline: Deadline: One month prior to tuition due date
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: Many $500 awards
  • Requirements:
    1. Current International Student Scholarship Application [PDF]
    2. One recommendation - Current International Student Scholarship Recommendation [PDF]
    3. Unofficial Green River transcript

Leadership Work Grant: International Student Ambassadors

Students earn approximately $5,500 per year in the campus leadership program. Students begin 30 days prior to fall orientation and continue through the academic year.

  • Deadline: April 10
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: Four (4)
  • Requirement:
    1. ISA Application: Community Leadership, Education & Outreach (CLEO) Program

Campus Community Service: Peer Volunteers

Student volunteers during the quarterly new student orientation and other events.

  • Deadline: Ongoing: application are accepted quarterly; deadline varies
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: More than 20 quarterly
  • Requirement:
    1. Peer Volunteer application

Community Service: Volunteer Positions

Receive a Certificate of Achievement by volunteering with American and international students; receive experience as future work references or on transfer university applications.

  • Deadline: Ongoing: application deadline varies through the year and are dependent on positions
  • Eligibility: CURRENT students
  • Available: More than 100 quarterly
  • Requirement:
    1. Register with Office of Campus Life

For more information click "LINK TO ORIGINAL" below.

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Publish Date
February 03, 2020


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