University of Hawaii International Scholarships 2020, USA


March 02, 2020



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UH Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Hawaiʻi offers a variety of scholarship opportunities and grants to regular students attending any of the ten UH campuses. Scholarships available include need and merit-based awards, scholarships based on specific majors, preference for geographic location, campus and other unique criteria. Within the UH System, students can apply for UH System Scholarships, campus scholarships, as well as scholarships that vary by campus department. Since campuses vary, students are encouraged to begin by looking at their home campus financial aid office website for more information.

Getting Started

The UH System Common Scholarship Application is one way students can apply for multiple system and campus scholarships at the same time. This application is used for students interested in applying for:

  • Campus-specific scholarships (excluding UH Mānoa scholarships administered by department or the UH Mānoa Financial Aid Office)
  • UH Community Colleges Scholarships (available through the Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges)
  • UH System Scholarships (Awarded by the UH System Financial Aid Office)
  • UH Mānoa New Warrior Scholarships & Presidential Scholarships (e.g. Provost Achievement, Regents, Mānoa Excellence, and Mānoa International Excellence Scholarships)

UH System Scholarships are scholarships awarded by our UH System Office, and can usually be used at different UH campuses. The UH System Common Scholarship Application is also the primary application used by all of our UH campuses (with the exception of UH Mānoa which uses multiple applications). Many of the scholarships available through the UH System Common Scholarship Application are funds available through the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation. The University of Hawaiʻi Foundation awards about $5 million annually from various private and corporate donations.

To begin your scholarship search journey, click on your home campus below.

To complete the UH System Common Scholarship Application, click “How to Apply” for more information.

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ben cheriet ousama | 2019-12-16 02:45:10
i have a pharmacy degree am i eligible for it