Le Studium Research Professorship Program 2019, France


February 07, 2018

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LE STUDIUM RESEARCH PROFESSORSHIP Award of the Smart Loire Valley Progamme enables an international Professor to participate in postgraduate teaching, research and research team building. The Professorship residence is a period of 12 months : 3 in the Centre-Val de Loire region for 4 consecutive years (12 months in total). 

This professorship award is spread over four academic years between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2023.

1- Contact details

Give the following details concerning the applicant (international Professor): first name, surname, title, birth date, nationality, laboratory, institution, professional address, phone number, email, website, scientific specialty.

2- Summary of the proposal

Write a summary of the proposal in English and French; it may be used in public media if the proposal is funded. If necessary the applicant should seek the assistance of the host scientist for the summary in French.

Content limited to 2000 characters for each summary.

3- Research Project & Mission

  • Research Project

-> Background, Aims: describe the specific aims of the project, including a clear statement of the hypothesis to be tested

-> Research Plan: Describe the methods and techniques to be used and research plan, including as appropriate:

  • Description of the experiment design;

  • Techniques to be used;

  • Methods of statistical analysis;

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the study design

  • Content limited to 40000 characters.
  • Complementary mission in the region

Describe the proposed mission of the Professorship, which can incorporate contributions as diverse as but not exclusively:

- Introduction of a new research activity complementary to those of the teams involved in the project,

- Organization of an emerging domain of research and teaching,

- Organization of an international laboratory,

- Organization of a set of conferences, winter or summer workshops or schools with a unifying goal.

Content limited to 12000 characters.

Indicate if the proposal involves collecting data on humans or animal experimentation.

If yes, refer to the Ethics section in the Guidelines and explain your strategy to manage and comply with the requirements for compliance with Ethics regulations in region Centre-Val de Loire and obligations to provide LE STUDIUM with the necessary Ethics Approval documents.

4- Signifiance, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity

  • Significance & Innovation

Describe the importance of the problem to be researched, the planned outcome of the research, and the potential significance of the research.

Describe the innovative aspects in your proposal specify the contribution of the research project to the development of knowledge in the scientific field.

Content limited to 5000 characters.

  • Interdisciplinary aspects

If relevant, show how the proposed research project connects various scientific disciplines.

Content limited to 2000 characters.

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