Study Session - Broadcasting Democratic Consciousness, 29 April - 5 May 2019, Strasbourg, France


October 30, 2018

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April 29, 2019 - May 04, 2019

Opportunity Cover Image - Study Session - Broadcasting Democratic Consciousness, 29 April - 5 May 2019, Strasbourg, France

Broadcasting democratic consciousness


Media literacy has proven to be a crucial tool for young citizens and has extensively appeared in the recommendations and directives of various international and national institutions. Media education contributes to people’s empowerment and a shared sense of responsibility in society, and as such is part of citizenship and human rights education (Gruenwald Declaration of UNESCO 1982). Current threats to data safety, the right to privacy, and democracy have highlighted the crucial need for an education that mainstreams human rights in the internet and the media. This study session seeks to integrate media and cyber hygiene tools into human rights education and youth work curricula.


The AIM of the study session is to equip the member organisations with the capacity to use media literacy educational tools in youth work and human rights education. The study session is based on the methodology of non-formal education․

Objectives: - to map the realities and needs of young people in terms of media literacy and cyber hygiene; - to explore various tools in media literacy education and promotion of critical thinking by sharing the practices and experts’ input; - to give space for creating or re-creating tools and methods in human rights education including an aspect of media literacy education; - to plan strategies for applying new practices and integrating into the agenda of the member organisations and network and disseminating the study session outcomes.


The educational basis of the study session is non-formal learning, the flow of the programme: 0. Forming - icebreakers and teambuilding; 1. Concepts - brushing through main concepts - human rights, democracy and the role of media literacy; 2. Inputs - fundaments of human rights education, media literacy - access, analyse, evaluate and create; 3. Tools - practical and analytical tools; 4. Outputs - sharing the practices, creating educational activities; 5. Playtesting - testing the educational activities; 6. Strategies - paving future for the network and participating civil society organisations․


The study session is implemented with the cooperation of: Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN) - an independent non-governmental human rights education organization composed by youth associations as well as trainers, activists, youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, researchers, volunteers, professionals and other people committed to promoting human rights education and the protection of human rights. The Youth Department - a part of the Directorate of Democratic Participation of the Council of Europe. The Department elaborates guidelines, programmes and legal instruments for the development of coherent and effective youth policies at local, national and European levels. It provides funding and educational support for international youth activities aiming at the promotion of youth citizenship, youth mobility and the value of human rights, democracy and cultural pluralism. It seeks to bring together and disseminate expertise and knowledge about the life situations, aspirations and ways of expression of young Europeans.


The Study Session will be open to youth workers/trainers already engaged and experienced in human rights education, for members and non-members of HREYN. Priority will be given to those, who provides a clear description of channels of competence/experience-transfer to their targeted youth audience. Proficient command in English or Russian is required. Travel and stay for the study session is covered by the Council of Europe. participation fee - 50 EUR will be deducted from your travel reimbursement.


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