2018 Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship, Zhejiang, China

Publish Date: Jun 25, 2018

Deadline: Jun 27, 2018

2018 ZHEJIANG Provincial Government Scholarship Application


Application Time  

June 14th —— June 27th, 2018


Type A Scholarship(30,000 RMB for each student): for 2016 and 2017 grade excellent foreign students who study Master Degree Programs in Wenzhou University (Excluding Wenzhou University Presidential Scholarship students).

 Type B Scholarship(20,000 RMB for each student): for 2015, 2016 and 2017 grade excellent foreign students who study Bachelor Degree Programs in Wenzhou University (Excluding Wenzhou University Presidential Scholarship students).

Type C Scholarship(6000 RMB for each student): for excellent foreign students who study Chinese for more than one semester.


The applicant shall be a physically and mentally healthy foreign student,and he/she must be friendly to China.

 Requirements of Certificates and Referral:

1. The applicant of Master-degree program shall be under the age of 35, and he/she must have achieved the Bachelor Degree or certificate which is equal to Chinese Bachelor Degree.

2. The applicant of Bachelor-degree program shall be under the age of 30, and he/she must have achieved the certificate or diploma which is equal to Chinese High School Certificate.

3. The applicant of Chinese program must have achieved the certificate or diploma which is equal to Chinese High School Certificate.

The applicant shall have excellent academic performance as well as good class attendance and pass all courses.

 The applicant shall be well-behaved, and he/she has no record of violation of the regulation of Wenzhou University and the law of China. The applicant shall have excellent comprehensive evaluation assessment results.

 The applicant shall pay off full tuition, dorm fee, insurance fee and other relevant fee in time.

 The applicant shall have a certain level of Chinese, and he/she shall submit the certificates of HSK or other Chinese test.

 The applicant shall never be granted any government or Wenzhou University Presidential Scholarship in this academic year.

 Application Procedure

Personal application or head teacher recommendation(June 14th — June 27th 2018). The applicant need print out the application form and fill in blank (Both Chinese and English are OK).You can do it either with handwriting or typewriting. Keep it clear enough by handwriting and remember to sign your name.

2015-2016 grade undergraduate students and 2017 grade postgraduate students should hand in documents to major college and 2017 grade undergraduate students to the College of International Education.

 Primary verification from major college (Before July 29th 2018). The major college decides the scholarship candidates with careful assessment (If more than one candidate, please make a sequence) according to academic performance and other behaviors,and then submits relevant materials to the Scholarship and Honor Assessment Working Group.

 Assessment(August 2018). All candidates’ documents will be assessed by the Scholarship and Honor Assessment Working Group.

 Publicity (August 2018). The result will be published at university.

 Approval (August 2018). The final result is subjected to the approval of Provincial Department of Education after no objection public announcement


 Application Form of 2018 ZHEJIANG Provincial Government Scholarship         

Degree certificate,copy of transcript and othercertificates 

 Photocopy of passport

 Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form(Within 6 months)

Teacher’s recommendation letter (only For Type A)

  Applicant’s Guarantee Letter


All paper documents shall be submitted to major college (2015-2016 grade undergraduate students and 2017 grade postgraduate students) orCollege of International Education (Office 221, Building 3, North campus) (2017 grade undergraduate students) before 16:00 27th June 2018 (Wednesday).


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