Summer Workshop - Cultural and Natural Heritage: Basis of European Consciousness, 5-14 July 2018, France


March 30, 2018

Event Date:

July 05, 2018 - July 14, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Summer Workshop - Cultural and Natural Heritage: Basis of European Consciousness, 5-14 July 2018, France

Cultural and natural heritage: Basis of European Consciousness

For nine days in July, the workshop offers to approximately 40 participants from all over Europe and beyond a unique opportunity to share their perceptions, thoughts and ideas on Europe and on key issues of the day, such as democracy. This year cultural and natural heritage as the basis of European consciousness will be discussed. In this perspective, the seminar of the College of Cluny is a result of more than 17 years of experience by having already welcomed over 800 European and non-European citizens from around 50 different countries.


The European territory has an abundance of richness that has an impact on our identity: languages, democracy, human rights, architecture, gastronomy, songs, landscapes, biodiversity,…are all part of the European material, immaterial and natural heritage. In a time when the European Union must find a new lease of life in its construction process, the preservation and promotion of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage are of utmost importance. For 9 days, the participants will share their observations and visions on the subject and will then elaborate their democratic, cultural and political propositions on the topic.


The “Cluny method” is the development of collective intelligence that makes use of interdisciplinarity and plurilingualism. The facilitators will invite the participants to develop their autonomy and their self-learning abilities, to appropriate innovative methods of co-construction based on mutual learning.
Conference, training sessions and working groups will enable you to develop negotiation skills and to gain an overview of the main issues at stake.


The main aims of the summer workshop of the European College of Cluny are to:

  • Share and exchange

  • Develop critical thinking skills

  • Analyse and evaluate

  • Compare and differentiate

  • Propose innovative solutions

By coming to Cluny, you will have the opportunity to discover French national heritage and to live a unique multicultural experience with young people from all over Europe.

Working language : French and English

Communication is essentially bilingual, but for certain parts of the programme, French or English will be used more frequently. The understanding of both languages is necessary and for that reason, a minimum level of B2 in French or in English is expected (minimum B1 for the other language). By immersing yourself in the workshop, you will be able to improve your communication skills in both languages. Nevertheless, be aware that the workshop is not a language class!

How to apply?

Upload your application online mincluding:

  • A cover letter

  • A CV

Background : Apart from language skills, no other academic or professional qualifications are required. Participants from various fields are encoureged to apply. Selected candidates will be informed by email before 12th May 2018 Candidates must confirm their participation within two weeks after being selected.

Selection criteria

  • Minimum age: candidates must be born before 1st January 1998

  • Personal motivation

  • Geographic diversity: 3 to 4 candidates per EU member states; 1 to 2 participants for non-European countries

  • Linguistic competences

Registration Fees

Limited places, hurry up to register!
Early birds on fee, before May 25, 2018: 400 €
Standard registration fee between May 25 and June 25, 2018: 500 €
This amount includes accomodation and meals within the Abbey. Travel costs are not included in the fees.

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