Biometrika Research Fellowship 2018, UK


March 26, 2018


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Biometrika Research Fellowship 2018, UK

 Full particulars including application requirements

The Biometrika Trust offers a 2 or 3-year research fellowship, for junior researchers in statistical theory or methodology (despite the name of the Trust, the research does not have to be biostatistical). It is aimed at those among the most outstanding recent PhD graduates who are capable of self‐direction. The Fellowship is available to start in 2018 and the start date is to be agreed by the discussion with the potential Fellow. Potential fellows should specify in their application whether they are applying for a 2 or a 3-year fellowship and justify that length based on the research proposal


The fellowship offers an annual salary at an appropriate point on the scale £33,518-£37,551 (plus London weighting if appropriate), research support costs of £4000 (2 years) or £5000 (3 years), and up to £5000 funding for a 'career development event' to be devised and organized by the Fellow. Applications should be made by the (potential) Fellow, who will not be on a permanent contract and who should have identified and sought the support of a suitable UK host department 


No citizenship restrictions. Candidates must hold a PhD before taking up the Fellowship, or at least have passed their degree subject to minor amendments. Preference will be given to applicants with at most three years of post-doctoral experience. Fellowships must be hosted in a UK university or a suitable UK public-sector research institution. Compliance with UK Visa requirements: it is the responsibility of the host department to get UKVI approval once an award is made.

Integration with the host department

The host department is not expected to supervise or direct the research, but must provide a stimulating and inclusive research environment and the Fellow’s career development should be supported through mentoring. The department may require the Fellow to teach (and indeed this experience if properly mentored can form a valuable part of the Fellow’s career development), but the proportion of the Fellow’s time spent on teaching, including preparation, assessment and all administration should not exceed 15% averaged over each year. In the case of non-university institutions, the host department must clearly explain the obligations of the Fellow to the institution (e.g. participation in any other research projects, consulting, or administration) apart from the described research project.

Assessment criteria

  • Quality of previous research
  • Quality of the proposed project
  • The ability of candidate to self‐direct on this project
  • Host department research environment
  • The vision for discipline and career

Application material

  • Covering letter, about 1 page in length, describing in general terms future research direction, career plans and the benefit from a Biometrika Fellowship, and indicating proposed start date.
  • CV, including names and contact details for three referees. Reference letters will be sought by the Trust, and should not be included with the application.
  • WWW links to completed but unpublished papers.
  • Description, in not more than 4 pages, of planned research programme if offered a Biometrika Fellowship, to include the following information :
  1. What are the applicant's research achievements so far? How have they been published or presented? What impact have they had?
  2. What is the background to the applicant's proposed research?
  3. What research will the applicant undertake? Why is it important and timely? What impact do the applicant think it will have? Why is the applicant applying for a 2 or a 3-year fellowship?
  4. Which areas of the applicant's proposed research are speculative or adventurous and which are more ‘safe’?
  5. How independent is the applicant and her/his research plan? How much does he/she rely on his/her thesis advisor or other collaborators? Why is the applicant's proposed host department appropriate? (Slight preference may be given to candidates wishing to move to a new location).
  6. What is the applicant's current plan for disseminating his/her research in the form of conference presentations, papers or other media?
  7. Justification for travel costs (for conferences and research collaborations) and other research support resources, up to a total of £4K.
  • Plan for a career development event for young statisticians (up to £5K, funded by Biometrika) to be organized by the fellow.
  • Letter of support from host institution(s), describing research environment, including the presence of cognate researchers and promise of mentoring, and expectations on the Fellow in terms of teaching and other duties.


should be sent by email to Attachments must be in plain text, Word or PDF format. Informal inquiries about this Fellowship can be made to the same email address. Interviews are likely to take place in May 2018.

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