Internships at Microsoft Research Cambridge 2018, UK


April 15, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - Internships at Microsoft Research Cambridge 2018, UK

Internships at Microsoft Research Cambridge 2018, UK

An internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge gives the opportunity to work on real problems alongside one of the full-time researchers as applicant's mentor.

Applications are accepted now from students who are enrolled in current PhD or Masters programs relevant to the areas of research.

The internships are 12 weeks long and run mostly through the Summer period.

Interactive Machine Learning for Notification Design (Machine Learning)

Supervisor: Advait Sarkar / Cecily Morrison

Start Date: June 2018

Applications close April 15, 2018

This internship will be part of a project team that is focused on agent technology for people with disabilities. The internship will explore ways that users can teach an agent to carry out specific interactions in the system through a combination of rule-based and teaching by example techniques. The intern will be supervised in the Human Experience & Design team and will work closely with researchers and interns in the Machine Learning and Perception team.

Project Malmo – multi-agent learning for video games (Machine Learning / Game Design & Development)

Supervisors: Katja Hofmann / Ian Kash / Jan Stuehmer / Richard Banks / Dave Bignell

Start Date: Varies per project (see below)

Applications close March 30, 2018

The programme is looking to fill the internship positions listed below. These are all at the graduate level (Masters for game design and game development, PhD with substantial research experience for the other three).

  1. Reinforcement Learning: The programme seeks a research intern for a project that focuses on deep-learning approaches to intention prediction and goal-directed imitation. The project aims to devise novel approaches to inferring intention and forming higher-level abstractions. Empirical validation will be in the context of multi-player video games.
  2. Games Design: The programme seeks a game design research intern at MSc level or with similar experience. The project focuses on exploring novel game designs that leverage state-of-the-art AI/machine learning approaches.
  3. Games Development: The programme seeks a game development research intern with experience at MSc level or above. The aim of the project is to develop and assess novel game experiences that are enabled by state-of-the-art AI/machine learning approaches.

Supervisor/start dates:

  1. Jan Stuehmer / September 2018
  2. Richard Banks / September 2018
  3. Dave Bignell / October 2018

All interns will be co-supervised by several team members, but above shows the main supervisor.

Start dates are flexible – priority will be given to candidates’ suitability for the role.

Accelerating machine learning on specialized hardware (Machine Learning/Programming Languages)

Supervisors: Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Ryota Tomioka

Start Date: Spring or Summer 2018

Applications close: March 1, 2018

The focus of this internship will be on compilation toolchains from high-level machine learning model specifications to specialized accelerators. The internship work will involve the design of programming abstractions, optimizations, static analyses, and code generation. Knowledge of machine learning and neural network concepts is desirable but not a prerequisite. Candidates with experience in programming languages and compilers – especially domain-specific languages and optimizations for linear algebra – are particularly welcome to apply.

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