Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship 2018, Singapore


April 27, 2018

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Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowship 2018, Singapore

The Lee Kong Chian (LKC) Research Fellowship aims to facilitate new research and publishing about Singapore and Southeast Asian culture, economy and heritage. This will enrich the Southeast Asia-centric collections and resources of the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library at the National Library of Singapore (NLS) and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). 

Talented scholars and researchers to use the resources and services, and to collaborat on joint research projects to create new knowledge are welcomed

Research Area

Preference is given to the following fields of research for 2018:

  • Early printing history in Singapore – relating to Malay press and colonial history
  • Peranakan literary works - literature in Malay by the Straits Chinese of Singapore and Malaysia
  • Critical inquiry on Singapore contemporary literature/ writers (or any art genres) post 1965
  • Comparative studies between colonial and post-independence Singapore and/or Southeast Asia
  • Social history of Singapore from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century through legal documents of the Koh Seow Chuan Collection
  • Study of Japanese occupation through the Lim Shao Bin collection
  • Business history through the use of NLS’s donor collections
  • Early textbooks in twentieth century Singapore
  • Asian diaspora in the Southeast Asia with special reference to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia
  • Study of colonial governors and administrators in Singapore
  • Maritime development in early Singapore
  • Social history of early communities in Singapore
  • Early land transaction in Singapore
  • Singapore music
  • In-depth study or comparative study of early Singapore newspapers
  • Study of the Royal Air Force Seletar Association archives from the NAS collections
  • Research on Chinese dialect group using the oral history collection
  • Social history of Singapore through NLS's photographs collection (from donors and private collections from NLS and NAS)

Who Can Apply?

The LKC Research Fellowship is open to both local and foreign applicants who are able to undertake prescribed research topics that raise awareness of the collections. Successful applicants should have scholarly and research credentials or their equivalent. Applicants could be curators, historians, academics or independent researchers who should preferably have an established record of achievement in their chosen field of research and the potential to excel further.

Terms of the Award

The award of the Fellowship is for a period of six months.
A stipend of up to a maximum of S$2,000 per month will be provided to help LKC Research Fellows meet living expenses, local transportation and photocopying expenses. 

In addition to the stipend, overseas Fellows will be provided with a one-time relocation package of $1,500, a one-time return airfare of up to $1500 (reimbursement basis), and monthly accommodation allowance of up to $2,500 (reimbursement basis).

Selection Criteria

Fellowship applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Research should be original.
  • Research uses the library and archives’ collections.
  • Research can be conducted within 6 months.
  • Applicant possesses high level of competency as indicated by referees, transcripts, research experience and other academic achievements.
  • Application should show a good understanding of proposed research topic in the proposal.

Obligations of the Fellowship

All Fellows are required to sign a Fellowship agreement abiding to the following:

  • Stay in Singapore and spend at least 75% of their work time during their Fellowship at the Library.
  • Give at least one public presentationto staff, and another to members of the publicbased on theirfellowship research.
  • Complete a resource guide based on their research findings.A resource guide is an annotated bibliography on the subject to inform users the resources to a research topic. It should highlight important sources and explain why they are so; and the key readings for each aspect (e.g. key theoretical approaches, seminal titles, etc.) of the research topic.For more information aboutNLB Resource Guides, please visit www.nlb.gov.sg/resourceguides/
  • Complete a 3,000-word and a 6,000-word paper based on their research findings within threemonths of the end of their fellowship. Submissions should include 6 to 8 images with minimum footnotes and a list of references.
  • Give the National Library Board the right to publish the results of their research, where appropriate, including repackaging of content in different formats. All papers submitted for publishing will be subjected to editorial changes where necessary.
  • Send the National Library Board a written analysis of the Fellowship experience within one month of the end of the Fellowship period.
  • Research Fellows will also serve as mentors to staff of the National Library Board and provide advice on collection gaps to help build research competency within the National Library.
  • Present the Library with a copy of any published work that was researched for during the course of the fellowship. The published work must acknowledge the support of the National Library of Singapore

Failure to fulfil any of the obligations will result in the recipient having to forfeit the monthly stipend as well as other expenses incurred in the course of the Fellowship. The final instalment of the monthly stipend will be paid on completion of the obligation.

Instructions to Applicants

Each application must include:

1. A completed application cover sheet. In providing information about education, exams and previous experience, photocopies of testimonies and documents are acceptable and must be attached at the time of application. But if the applicant is selected for the award, the original or certified copy bearing the university/company seal must be presented for verification.

2. A Curriculum Vitae that includes the following information:

  • Details of research awards previously and concurrently held.
  • Details of professional seminars/conference papers/public lectures presented.
  • A list of major publications.

3. A detailed research proposal that clearly:

  • Provides a comprehensive outline of the proposed topic of research, including details about NLS and/or NAS collections and resources that would be researched and sufficient detail to show that the NL and/or NAS collections are the core sources of materials being researched.
  • Indicates the anticipated outcomes and significance of the proposed research.
  • Indicates audiences for the intended research.
  • Indicates how the proposed research will promote NLS and NAS’ collections.
  • Indicates the estimated time needed to complete the research.

4. Research proposals must be submitted in English but research can be undertaken in other languages.

5. References from two academic referees that should address the following selection criteria:

  • The applicant’s qualifications, ability and experience.
  • The quality of the applicant’s previous research and publications.
  • The applicant’s demonstrated capacity to complete research projects within a reasonable time frame.
  • The applicant’s awareness of relevant available sources in NLS and/or NAS and an assessment of whether these sources are likely to support the research proposed.
  • The feasibility of the project in terms of available resources and time or other constraints.
  • Whether the project will make a substantial contribution to knowledge in the field.
  • How the project will promote NLS and/or NAS and its special collections.
  • Contact details (telephone, fax number and email address).

6. Applicants must nominate a Subject Reviewer of their paper, and contact details of the Reviewer. Successful Fellows will send their articles to their Subject Reviewer for comments and make the necessary amendments before submitting their final reports. The following credentials of the Reviewer will apply:

  • Reviewer is affiliated with a leading research institution/academia, and/or has published extensively in the applicant's proposed subject topic.

7. Foreign applicants should apply for their visa/entry permit upon award, where applicable.

8. Applications should be emailed to LKCRF@nlb.gov.sgor mailed to the following address.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be made known within 3 months of the closing date.

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