10 Postdoctoral and 12 Collegium Researcher Positions at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) 2018, Finland


April 13, 2018

Opportunity Cover Image - 10 Postdoctoral and 12 Collegium Researcher Positions at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) 2018, Finland

10 Postdoctoral and 12 Collegium Researcher Positions at Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) 2018, Finland

Five (5) Postdoctoral Researcher positions for a three-year period starting from 1 January 2019 

Five (5) Postdoctoral Researcher positions for a three-year period starting from 1 January 2020 

Six (6) Collegium Researcher positions for a three-year period starting from 1 January 2019

Six (6) Collegium Researcher positions for a three-year period starting from 1 January 2020

TIAS promotes cutting-edge interdisciplinary university research in the humanities and social science including studies in arts and literature, cultural studies, history, archaeology, languages, linguistics, speech and language pathology, business studies, economics, education, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, social policy, social work, sociology and research methodologies. TIAS is supported by the faculties of Education, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences and the Turku School of Economics, and its researchers span these disciplines.

TIAS will appoint researchers for two different positions: Postdoctoral Researchers and Collegium Researchers. TIAS selects researchers through an international call for applications and rigorous review process. This call for applications is open to all researchers in the respective fields. However, tenured professors are not eligible. Successful candidates must provide evidence of their ability to work in an interdisciplinary research environment of high international standard. All applicants must have a doctoral degree at the point of application.

TIAS selects researchers on the basis of external evaluations. In the selection process, particular attention is paid to the quality of the candidate’s research proposal and their international collaborations. TIAS researchers are located in departments which act as hosts to the research. Applicants must have a letter of commitment from one of the departments at the University of Turku stating that it undertakes to serve as the site of the research and provide the researcher with the necessary support.

TIAS aims to support the research priorities of the University of Turku, which consist of six thematic collaborations: 1) Biofuture 2) Digital futures 3) Cultural memory and social change 4) Children, young people and learning 5) Drug development and diagnostics 6) Sea and maritime studies. Applicants are requested to demonstrate a linkage between their research and these thematic collaborations.

TIAS researchers’ salaries are determined in accordance with the university salary system for teaching and research personnel. The salary for Postdoctoral Researcher positions corresponds to a requirement level 5 and personal performance level 4 euro-denominated salary (3 326, 61 €/ month). The salary for Collegium Researcher positions corresponds to a requirement level 7 and personal performance level 4 euro-denominated salary (4 471, 39 €/ month). Progress in the researcher's personal performance can be taken into account when determining the salary during their employment at the University.

For more information on applying, please contact the TIAS Director, Professor Martin Cloonan: martin.cloonan@utu.fi or the TIAS Coordinator, Marko Ahteensuu: tias-haku@utu.fi.

Applications must be submitted via the University of Turku’s the electronic application form.
The University of Turku has been recognised by the Times Higher Education World University Ranking as Finland's most international university.

Application documents

The application must contain all the following documents:

  • Research plan abstract (1 page)
  • Research plan (max 25 000 characters)
  • Curriculum vitae (1-2 pages)
  • List of publications (indicate five most important)
  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of doctoral certificate 

The documents 1-5 must be written in English with Times New Roman, font size 12 or equivalent. Please note: The documents 1-5 are compiled together into one document (surname_Documents1_5) and then attached to the application. The doctoral certificate (surname_DoctoralCertificate6) should be attached as a separate document. These two documents must be in PDF format. The two documents must be named by using the last name of the applicant and the document title (e.g. Smith_Documents1_5, Smith_DoctoralCertificate6.) Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications sent by email will not be accepted.

Research plan abstract (max 2500 characters; 1 page)

The one-page abstract must contain:

  • Applicant’s name and academic degree
  • Title of the research - Site of Research
  • Summary of the research plan (aims, research material and methods)
  • Key words (max. 5)

Research plan (max 25000 characters (with spaces), including the list of references)

  • The research plan must indicate the following:
  • Name of the researcher, title of the research plan and site of research
  • Background and significance of the research
  • Research objectives and methods, including the multidisciplinary aspects of the research
  • Implementation: The current state and schedule of the applicant’s research, including timetable and publication plan
  • National and international collaboration, including linkage with research conducted at the University of Turku

Research ethics

The University of Turku is committed to complying with the guidelines on responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct, issued by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity. Consequently, TIAS requires that applicants commit to complying with responsible conduct of research and adhere to the Advisory Board’s guidelines. 

Curriculum vitae (1–2 pages)

The curriculum vitae should be no more than two pages in length and should include the following information:

  • personal data: name and year of birth
  • academic education: degrees, dates and places, major subject, topic of doctoral dissertation
  • posts and positions of primary importance
  • research allocations and grants during the last five years
  • most important expert assignments
  • most important scientific acknowledgements and awards - outreach activities

Motivation lette

Applicants are expected to explain:

  • Why the research should be conducted at TIAS - How the research, contacts, supervising and teaching experience will benefit TIAS and University of Turku.
  • What the applicant expects to gain from the three-year research period
  • How the applicant will contribute to the multidisciplinary TIAS community
  • How the research will contribute to the research profile of the University of Turku

List of publications

The maximum length of the list of publications is not limited. Applicants are required to clearly indicate the 5 most important publications in relation to the research plan. The non-English titles need to be translated into English.

Copy of doctoral certificate

Processing and reviewing of applications

Applications meeting all the formal requirements are preliminarily assessed by the Board of Management of TIAS, who will make a shortlist of the applications that will be evaluated by external evaluators. On the basis of these evaluations, the Board will select the appointees. The successful candidates will be informed directly and the names of the appointees will be announced on the TIAS website and the website of the University of Turku. 

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