Call for Applications for ICREA Senior Research Positions 2018, Spain


March 15, 2018, 14:00

Opportunity Cover Image - Call for Applications for ICREA Senior Research Positions 2018, Spain

ICREA Senior Research Positions 2018

The selection of candidates for ICREA positions is based on peer evaluation and has scientific excellence and leadership as its sole criteria. There are five evaluation panels, covering all areas of knowledge, with some overlap to cater for interdisciplinary and emerging fields.

The basic concept for the evaluation is that it essentially depends on the judgment of high profile experts. Program does not want to rely on quantitative measures of academic output, but rather on the well-informed judgment of the experts in recognizing excellence. Program strives for quality, not quantity.

ICREA fully endorses and shares the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (SFDORA), by which it discourages evaluators to rely only on journal-based metrics (such as Journal Impact Factors) as a surrogate measure for the quality of individual research articles. For the purposes of research assessment, ICREA considers the value of all research output, including qualitative indicators of research impact, such as influence on policy and practice.

ICREA is an equal opportunity organisation and does not allow discriminatory references to gender, age, nationality, racial group, nor any other possible discriminatory issues.

ICREA Senior call

The ICREA senior call for applications offers permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The selected researchers are given a permanent position, ICREA Research Professorship (equivalent to tenure) and become ICREA employees. ICREA researchers go through an evaluation process (promotion) at regular intervals throughout their entire career. This is the most important and best-known call.

ICREA opens 10 senior research positions in the following areas:

  • Social & Behavioural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Life & Medical Sciences

Minimum requirements are a Ph.D. degree obtained preferably before 2014, with at least four years of international exposure at pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral level.

Candidates in an expansive phase of their academic career, with strong research record and outstanding leadership capabilities are encouraged to apply. Applications from women are especially welcome. ICREA researchers are required to make substantial contributions to their own areas of research and to have a strong impact in the Catalan research system by becoming fully involved and active members of the Catalan research community.

Successful applicants will have a permanent contract with ICREA and will work at universities or research centres in Catalonia.

Salaries are in line with those at Catalan universities. ICREA research professors are subject to an evaluation of their research progress and general performance after a three-year period and, subsequently every five years. The evaluations are carried out by external evaluation committees that assess scientific production as well as research activity. Positive evaluations lead to salary increases.

The ICREA position is not compatible with a permanent contract outside the Catalan research system (not even part-time). Scholars holding a permanent position (even on  leave of absence) in the Catalan research system for longer than 24 months on the deadline of this call, are not eligible.

Successful candidates are expected to join the host institution no later than September 2019. Applications must be submitted electronically via the website before 2:00 pm (Central European Time) on Thursday, 15 March 2018. The next ICREA call, in 2019, will open positions for the rest of the areas (Experimental Sciences & Mathematics and Engineering Sciences).

The application requires all the following items:

  • An on-line form for personal and professional data, a statement on research interests (2000 characters maximum), a list of the 5 most relevant publications, a statement of purpose (3000 characters maximum).
  • A single .pdf file (free format, maximum 15 pages and up to 4 Mb in size) containing the candidate's CV in English.
  • The contact details of four referees, of which at least two must submit reference letters in English (PDF format). The reference letters must be uploaded by deadline. To that effect, the system will generate links to be distributed by the candidate to each referee.
  • An expression of interest document from at least one host institution. Candidates must directly contact each institution (university or research centre in Catalonia) that they are interested in, and obtain the institution's support. The host institution's expression of interest form must be downloaded directly by the institution, using the link provided by their candidates. To that effect, the system will generate links to be distributed by each candidate to the host(s) institution(s). At the link, the institution will find instructions to submit the form (both electronically and by post). The form in both formats must be received by ICREA before deadline.

Additional information:

  1. New applicants may register at official website. Old applicants simply log in using their username and password. Candidates are requested to safely store their username and password, which will be needed to access and edit applications.
  2. Applications can be edited and saved as many times as necessary before submission.
  3. The system allows applicants to monitor file uploading by both referees and host institution(s). Please bear in mind that incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation.
  4. Applicants can confidentially provide names that they wish to be excluded from their evaluation process. This information is for ICREA only and will not be shared.

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