Russell Berrie Fellowship Program at The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) 2018, Italy


April 20, 2018


Opportunity Cover Image - Russell Berrie Fellowship Program at The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum) 2018, Italy

Russell Berrie Fellowship Program at The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas

On behalf of the Russell Berrie Foundation, IIE is pleased to announce the Russell Berrie Fellowship Program, a timely initiative at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum). Along with the establishment of an Annual Lecture Series on Interreligious Studies, the goal of the Fellowship Program is to build bridges between Christian, Jewish, and other religious traditions by providing the next generation of religious leaders with a comprehensive understanding of and dedication to interfaith issues. Russell Berrie Fellows are expected to complete the program and return home to their parishes and communities to lead others in efforts to promote interfaith understanding.

The Fellowship targets clergy, religious, and members of the laity for the purpose of studying at the Angelicum to obtain a Licence Degree or a Diploma in Interreligious Studies. In order to maintain funding, Russell Berrie Fellows must complete a curriculum, approved annually by the Dean, drawn from courses that have a specific interreligious focus or that have an interreligious component. Russell Berrie Fellows are also expected to maintain a cumulative 8.5 or better average in their studies at the Angelicum in order to continue to receive support from the program.

Applicants of all faiths and backgrounds from around the world- including students currently enrolled at the Angelicum- who have a demonstrated interest in Interreligious Studies are encouraged to apply.

Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award will provide one year of financial support for Russell Berrie Fellows to pursue a Licence Degree or a Diploma in Interreligious Studies at the Angelicum. It is intended to cover tuition, a modest living stipend, examination fees, a modest book allowance, and travel to and from the recipient's home country once a year.

Who Can Apply?

The Fellowship is open to candidates interested in studying at the Angelicum to obtain a Licence Degree or a Diploma in Interreligious Studies at this University.

Licence Degree applicants:

  • Licence applicants planning to pursue their first year of the Licence Degree are eligible to apply if they submit a written commitment from their Bishop or Appropriate Religious Superior that they will receive support in the second and final year of their studies.
  • Students pursuing their second and final year of the Licence Degree at the Angelicum are eligible to apply.

Diploma in Interreligious Studies applicants:

  • The aim of the Diploma in Interreligious Studies is to provide for those who are not qualified for entrance into the STL program the opportunity to explore various aspects of interreligious issues.
  • Applicants need to hold at least a B.A. degree from an academic institution with good standing
  • The norms for admission to the Diploma program will be determined by the Dean's office based on the student having demonstrated that they have either some academic experience at the university level or personal experience in working with other religions

Application Submission Instructions

Electronic documents to be submitted by APPLICANTS. Please include your name and the words “Russell Berrie Fellowship Application” in the subject line of the email (e.g. Emily Little_Russell Berrie Fellowship Application).

  • Scanned copy of your completed Application Form with your handwritten signature and the date.
  • Two essays – preferably in pdf form.
  • Scanned copies of your OFFICIAL transcripts of relevant studies. Students currently studying at the Angelicum should submit an official transcript for the academic year they are currently attending. An official transcript is issued by the university and should include an official stamp and/or signature from the university and your information (e.g. name, date of birth, etc.) to verify that the transcript belongs to you. Please do not send print-screens or self-made lists.
  • Curriculum Vitae – preferably in pdf form.
  • Writing Sample – preferably in pdf form.
  • Scanned copy of a signed and dated Written Commitment from the Religious Superior if the candidate is applying for the first year of the Licence Degree or Doctorate.
  • Please provide an (unofficial) English translation for all materials not in English. Upon submission of the electronic application, candidates will receive a confirmation email from IIE that the application was received. This, however, does not constitute a complete application package.

Electronic documents to be submitted by RECOMMENDERS

  • Two Letters of Recommendation – Your application will be complete once we also receive the two Letters of Recommendation from your recommenders via email (
  • In addition to the Recommendation Letter, recommenders are also required to complete the Student Evaluation Form. The Form includes a rating section and has guidelines on what recommenders should include in their Letters. Download the Form here (869 KB)

IIE must receive Recommendations Letters from the recommenders by the deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure recommenders submit on time.IIE will send another confirmation email to the applicant that their application is complete upon receipt of the two Letters of Recommendation. Please note: if you have not received confirmation from IIE that your application was received, it is your responsibility to follow-up with IIE.

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