UCL English Language Courses for International University Students 2018, UK

Publish Date: Oct 31, 2017

UCL English Language Courses for International University Students

3-week spring course: Monday 19 February - Friday 9 March 2018

3-week summer course: TBC

These 3 week courses are taught at UCL’s central London campus by UCL academic staff. The course aims to improve your English language skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing through task-based activities, placing an emphasis on improving communicative abilities.The Summer / Spring English Courses for International University Students present a unique opportunity to experience student life at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

These courses are suitable for university students, who are non-native English speakers, wishing to further develop their English Language skills and explore the rich diversity of London through work in the classroom and guided educational visits.

Entry requirements

You will be:
• a university student
• aged 18 years or above
• a non-native English speaker, eager to develop your English language skills by exploring the rich diversity of London.

Students on the course normally have levels of English in the ranges shown below. You do not need a formal English language qualification to apply, as when you start the course you will be tested and placed in a class according to your level of English.

 IELTS 4.5 to 7.5
 TOEFL IBT 45 to 109
 TOEIC 400 to 800
 Cambridge PET to CAE
 The College English Test (CET) CET4 to CET6

This course is not for suitable for beginners. You will probably have studied English for several years at school, and may be studying English as part of your university degree.


Classes are taught in small groups with an average of 14 students per class.

Teaching takes place Monday to Friday, with morning classes covering:

• English language lessons
• Visit preparation
• Primary research
• Presentation skills
• Report writing

You will provided with an overall average of 21 contact hours per week - including 13 hours and 50 minutes* UCL teaching contact hours per week combining language classes, classes on cultural themes, visit preparation and feedback sessions. There is also a weekly academic lecture. Afternoon visits make up the reminder of the contact hours.

On afternoons when there are no visits as part of the course, you may wish to visit suggested places of cultural interest; or time can be spent on personal study, using the many facilities available on the UCL campus - please note this is entirely optional.


The activities on the course include in-class tasks, an academic research project conducted both in class and outside the university, and a series of visits to places of significant cultural importance around London such as Tate Britain Art Gallery and the London Transport Museum.  All visits are supported by preparation classes.

Students will also have the opportunity to attend academic lectures, which will be followed by class discussions on the topics.


You will be expected to be prepared for the discussion skills class on the day after each visit. In addition, you will need to work outside the classroom on a research project and prepare for their final presentation and report. 

There will be many opportunities for you to practice and develop your English language skills and can decide how much time you wish to spend on these extra activities each week. 


You will receive a UCL Summer / Spring English Course for International University Students Certificate (providing there has been a minimum attendance of 80% on the course). A short report on your progress on the course will also be provided. 

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