General English Intensive Course 2018 - Accredited by the British Council, Regent’s University London

Publish Date: Oct 31, 2017

General English: Intensive Course

Study mode - Full time

Duration - 2-48 weeks

General English (Intensive) combines morning and afternoon classes.  It is a communicative course balancing the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

You will also focus on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and aspects of British culture. You will have the opportunity to focus on a range of specific skills in the afternoon classes i.e. academic, business or general English (subject to student demand). 

You are provided with a course book in the morning classes, in addition to authentic materials, such as newspaper articles, documentaries and video. You will engage in meaningful and purposeful activities which will promote your language learning in the context of the classroom and outside it.

Intensive English is a 25-hour course, with both morning and afternoon lessons. Classes run from Monday to Friday.

The course is designed to meet the needs of learners in a variety of situations and aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. 

You will revise and acquire new vocabulary and develop an awareness of grammatical and phonological aspects of English. 

You will also have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of English through chosen skill specific subjects (Business, Academic). 


You can study from 2-48 weeks. The length of your course depends on your aims, level of English and the type of course you want to study.
This will be discussed with you when you book the course.


Monday- Friday

Monday- Thursday

Total: 25 hours contact/per week

You will engage in practical, meaningful and purposeful activities that will promote your language learning both inside and outside the classroom.
You will revise and learn new vocabulary and develop an awareness of the grammatical and phonological aspects of English.

Your teacher will give you a tutorial every four weeks to talk about your progress and to give you advice on which areas to focus on. You will be assessed regularly throughout the course. You will take a progress test every four weeks.  This test will cover reading, writing, listening and speaking. If your test result is very good, your teacher may move you to the next level. 

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