Unlike most graduate degrees in business, the PhD Programme is unique in terms of the time, intensity and commitment needed for completion. And we are proud to offer one of the most generous doctoral funding packages to ensure you have the tools required to become a leading global scholar in your area of specialisation.

All candidates admitted to the programme are automatically provided with INSEAD Fellowship for five years of full-time studies - full tuition fee waiver, a stipend, research and conference budget support, and health insurance coverage. Thus, you will not need to seek loans to pay for tuition fees in France or Singapore. Tuition fees are covered 100%.  In addition, at INSEAD, you are also granted a generous stipend to cover your living expenses, a substantial conference and research support, as well as international comprehensive health insurance coverage. This benefit is renewed annually contingent upon satisfactory progress in the programme, and is given to all candidates regardless of background, nationality or need. 

The reason we offer such generous support to you as a student is that your development as a scholar is an investment in the institution itself.  From our perspective, if you become a world-renowned researcher and successful professor in academia, the profile of INSEAD as a leading business school is further enhanced.

Funding your studies is a significant investment on the part of the school, and it is made possible by a group of generous donors.  With such comprehensive support, we expect you to be fully dedicated to your own advancement in research at all times.  As such,working part-time during the programme is not permitted, as it is counterproductive to your development.  With our scholarship waiver and support, you are freed from the financial burdens students face while pursuing graduate studies.

Visiting students, however, are not eligible for our scholarship and stipend, and will be required to pay for any courses attended. 


Tuition fee is fully covered for the first 5 years of the programme - coursework fees for the first 2 years of the programme, and dissertation fees for the last 3 years. Students do not have to take out loans in order to pay for the tuition fees. 


For AY 2018, annual stipend covers 35,200 € for Singapore-based students and 32,000 € for Fontainebleau-based students, which includes accommodation and living expenses. Research and conference budget support is provided in addition to the annual stipend, averaging SGD 4,080 or approx. 2,500 € annually for Singapore students, and 2,000 € for Fontainebleau students, along with a comprehensive health insurance coverage that covers student, spouse and children.*

Research or teaching assistantships are not required in exchange for the fellowship, since assistantships are part of the curriculum and are already included in the funding. 


Students are also covered with an international comprehensive health insurance coverage. This covers not only the students but also spouse and children. 

Once admitted to INSEAD, you will be automatically offered the full Fellowship, and need not worry of associated costs of postgraduate studies. This is offered annually (for full 12 months) and renewed every year contingent upon satisfactory progress in the programme. This is given to all PhD candidates, regardless of background, nationality or need. 

*Overall financial support, including the stipend, regularly undergoes review. Should there be any revisions in the near future, students and prospects are subsequently updated. For any questions, please email 

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