Workshop/CfP - Concepts and Post-Communist Identities: The Power of Perspective, 18-19 October 2017, Russia

Publish Date: Jul 03, 2017

Deadline: Jul 10, 2017

Event Dates: from Oct 18, 2017 12:00 to Oct 19, 2017 12:00

Concepts and Post-Communist Identities: The Power of Perspective

The Interpretivism in International Relations (IIR) working group aims to encourage fresh thinking on the study of meanings, identities and ideas in international relations.

The location of this workshop, St. Petersburg, was famously described by Peter the Great as Russia’s “window on Europe”. We want to take this as a vantage point to discuss the role of ‘perspective’ in analysing the politics of identity in post-communist Europe and Russia.

Taking up insights from political theory, conceptual history, ethnography and other fields on the importance of perspective in shaping experience and knowledge, this workshop aims to explore the methods, benefits and limitations of taking a perspectivist approach for analysing international relations. Specifically, we want to probe what it means to take a perspective (or multiple perspectives), how this is done, and how it can explain conflicts and tensions in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and between this region and the wider world.

Various political stakeholders in this region have turned to identity politics to legitimate their visions of a post-communist future. Paradoxically, this had led to the re-articulation of ideas that many thought belonged to the past. Yet today there is talk of a new East/West divide in international relations and ideas of great power status, honour and identity have resurfaced. Commitments to special roles and relationships between the countries in post-communist Europe and Russia are emphasised on the basis of cultural affinity and a right to lead.

Our workshop will look at these and other expressions post-communist political identity as sources of contestation, polemic, and conceptual innovation. We invite paper proposals that address the following and related topics on this broad theme:

  • Methodological approaches to the study of IR concepts and their use in arguments;
  • Construction of concepts in different international settings and contexts (textbooks; diplomatic summits; international organisations);
  • The analysis of concepts of national or supra-national collective identity;
  • Concepts of political thought in post-communist Europe and Russia that build bridges into IR and especially into the theories of identity formation;
  • Concepts of Russia’s identity and how these link to changes in Russia’s foreign policy;
  • Ideological movements in post-communist Europe and Russia (nationalism, patriotism, conservativism, and other ‘isms’) that focus on the politics of identity and especially the process of ‘othering’.

This workshop will bring together around 15 scholars and take place at the Department of Comparative Political Studies at RANEPA, St. Petersburg, starting on the morning of 18 October and ending in the afternoon of 19 October. A small number of grants will be available for international participants to attend.

We will be happy to receive proposals from scholars at any level – PhD students at an advanced stage, postdoctoral and more senior researchers alike. But in awarding grants, preference will be given to those at early career stages.

We intend to select the best papers from this workshop for a single publication, either a special issue or an edited volume.

Important Dates

10 July 2017: Please submit your abstracts of max. 500 words by clicking on the 'Submit Proposal' button below.

Please indicate in your application whether you are also applying for an international travel grant. Be aware, there are only three travel grants available for this workshop. Priority will be given to applicants from research institutions in the UK, because we are a working group of the British International Studies Association (BISA).  All applications should provide at max. three or four sentences on their reasons for seeking financial support.

19 July 2017: Notification of acceptance and of travel grants

04 October 2017: Deadline for paper submissions.

For more information please click "Further Official Information" below.

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