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Workshop - Computational Design with Grasshopper, 24-25 July 2015, AUA

Publish Date: Jul 24, 2015

About the Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to Grasshopper, a node-based algorithmic editor that functions as a plug-in within the Rhinoceros environment. Grasshopper enables designers to explore variation and possibilities in an efficient workflow. Furthermore, Grasshopper has encouraged a vast community of users who have created an impressive body of reference, as well as plugins that greatly extend the functionality of Grasshopper to achieve varied, and very specific, tasks.

This 2-day introduction to Grasshopper workshop will focus on an overview of the plug-in, geometry types and attributes, geometry construction and transformation, data structures and management, and generation of Grasshopper geometry from GIS shape files. Through lectures and hands on exercises, the participants will be able to compose various geometry constructs that demonstrates variation and transformation through their embedded adaptive logic.

Entrance is free, seats are limited, pre-register by sending a mail to Origin.regist@gmail.comcontaining your name and surname or call 055 28 21 00.

Dates & Times:
July 24th/17:00-21:00
July 25th/11:00-17:00

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