University of Waikato Taught Postgraduate Scholarship 2017, New Zealand

Publish Date: Jan 18, 2017

Deadline: Apr 30, 2017

Scholarships and Awards

We believe in rewarding success, which is why we offer hundreds of scholarships every year to our students.

A scholarship will open up a world of opportunities for you, no matter what stage of study you’re at. Whether you’re looking for support with study, fees, accommodation, research or leadership opportunities, we’ve got lots of options available to help set you up for the future.

Application Process

Once you’ve got some idea of the scholarships you’re eligible for, you can start the application process. This can be completed online for most of our scholarships, however for some you may need to fill out a paper application.

How to Apply

  1. Read over the application form and regulations for the scholarship you wish to apply for. These are located under the scholarship you’re applying for in the scholarship finder. If you meet the eligibility requirements, begin your application.
  2. To apply for a scholarship, you must provide all of the information requested in the application form by the closing date. This may include a birth certificate, NCEA school results or a verified copy of your academic transcripts from any other education provider. Fill out the application form and submit it. If you are filling out a paper application, follow the instructions for mailing it to us.
  3. Await the outcome.

Note: If you’re looking to apply for a UNZ scholarship, we recommend you get in touch with our team for advice before applying. Find out how to contact us.

Selection Process

This process typically takes at least six to eight weeks. You will receive an electronic notification when your application has been processed and when a decision has been reached by the selection panel.

Application Advice

Cover letter and CV

Take time to prepare a cover letter and/or CV that shows that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. We receive a high number of applications for scholarships so putting the extra effort into your cover letter and/or CV can make your application stand out to the Selection Panel.

The University of Waikato's Careers Office provides information and assistance to students wanting to tailor their cover letter and/or CVs for scholarship applications.

Support your application

If you are applying for a scholarship that will be awarded based on non-academic factors (ie community involvement or sporting achievements), make sure you include documentation that will support your achievements in this area.

Prepare your referees carefully

Prepare your referees carefully: the Selection Panel will take into consideration what your referees say about you. Always provide your referees with a copy of the regulations so they are aware of what you are applying for. If you are applying for more than one scholarship, ensure that your referees tailor their references for each scholarship.

Research the Scholarship/Award

Get as much information about the scholarship and the sponsor as you can. This information is often found in the regulations. Additional internet searching can be helpful.

Provide accurate contact details

For any University of Waikato scholarships/awards this should be the same as your details in iWaikato. Without these details you may miss important news about the scholarship.

Verified academic transcripts

If you are requested to supply a verified academic transcript with your application, please ensure that you do not send the original transcript. You may bring the original to the Scholarships Office where it will be copied and verified for you to include with your application. Where possible, ensure you include a grading scale.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. To be eligible applicants must be:
    a) enrolling in 500-level taught papers; OR
    b) enrolling in 400-level taught papers that are categorised as Level 8 under the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (see Appendix A).
  2. Scholarships are awarded on academic merit, with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of A– expected. Normally, GPA calculations will be based on the equivalent of the applicant’s last two years of full-time study.
  3. Past recipients may apply for subsequent Taught Postgraduate Scholarships if they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.
  4. The Scholarship is open to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, and international students.
  5. International students must have completed at least 120 points at any New Zealand University.

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