Oxford Summer School 2020 - International Medical Research and Practice, UK

University of Oxford


December 31, 2019


Opportunity Cover Image - Oxford Summer School 2020 - International Medical Research and Practice, UK

International Medical Research and Practice 

A two-week summer course exploring modern medical research and practice, including clinical skills and the latest developments in the field. Residential in an Oxford University college.

Course Summary

Modern medical practice doesn’t exist in isolation; it’s kept up-to-date and moving forward by the important work of medical scientists. Oxford Royale offers students from around the world the unique opportunity to explore the realms of medical science whilst working in the labs and classrooms of one of the world’s leading research institutions - the University of Oxford. Students will be taught about the anatomy and pathophysiology of disease within the body’s cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems through lab-based dissections and case-based teaching.

The course will also have a strong practical focus, with students taught how to examine patients, take a history and interpret key scans and blood tests to allow diagnosis of cases from across the globe. Pharmacology will also be covered, with students exploring drug biochemistry within the walls of the same university where the structure of Penicillin was discovered in 1945.

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