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University of Oslo Undergraduate and Master Scholarships, Norway

Publish Date: Dec 08, 2015

Deadline: Feb 01, 2016

ISS Scholarships

The ISS offers scholarships to applicants from certain countries. Competition for these scholarships is high and funds are limited, so the majority of scholarships awarded are partial scholarships. Only approximately 50 full scholarships are granted.

Applying for a scholarship

Application deadline:

February 1

How to apply:

Apply online as a scholarship applicant, and remember to complete and upload our scholarship form with your application. In the scholarship form, you will be asked to specify the amount of money needed to participate.

What are we looking for?

To be a successful ISS scholarship recipient, you must demonstrate:

  • that your academic background is relevant to the course you apply for (see course descriptions for more information)
  • that your professional background is relevant to the course you apply for
  • your financial need

Who can apply for scholarships?

Asia, Oceania, Africa, Central America and South America

Caucasus and Balkans

Former Soviet Union states

EU and EEA countries

USA and Canada

Scandinavian studies scholarships

Who CANNOT apply for scholarships awarded by the ISS?

  • Citizens of Nordic countries
  • International applicants residing in Nordic countries who apply for Bachelor's courses
  • Applicants for Bachelor's courses from Asia, Oceania, and Africa
  • Citizens of EU and EEA countries who apply for full scholarships
  • Medical professionals applying for Norwegian language courses
  • Applicants to ISSN0110 Intensive Elementary Norwegian, Level I
  • Current and former University of Oslo students

Applicants with external funding

If part of your costs are being covered by a source other than the ISS (your employer, school, a private foundation or company, etc), you may still apply for a partial scholarship from the ISS. Please include this information in your scholarship form.

Terms and conditions of ISS scholarships


  • The value of the scholarship is not payable in cash.
  • Scholarships are non-negotiable once they are awarded.
  • If your scholarship includes travel, your ticket will be booked and paid for by the ISS.
  • You may be asked to write a report or letter to the scholarship donor.
  • The donor has the right to request your final grades from the ISS.
  • You are responsible for covering expenses that are not included in the scholarship (for example: travel costs to and from the airport, visa fees, etc).


  • You must meet attendance requirements (minimum 3 lecture hours per day).
  • You must submit all mandatory assignments.
  • You must attend all exams.

By accepting your offer of admission you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Failure to meet the above academic requirements will result in a failing grade for the course and possible expulsion from the ISS program, early deportation from Norway and/or a duty to repay the ISS for the monetary value of your scholarship.

Partial scholarship

The majority of scholarships awarded will be partial. Partial scholarships cover only:

  • For recipients from USA and Canada (on-campus students only):
    • all or part of the Basic fee
  • For all other recipients (both on- and off-campus students):
    • the Basic fee
    • Additional fees, if applicable

Applicants can also indicate if they would like to have a portion of the Basic fee covered instead of the full sum, if they can pay themselves or are receiving funding from an external source (employer, school, organization, company, etc). This increases chances of receiving a scholarship.

Partial scholarships DO NOT cover:

  • Pocket money allowance
  • Travel costs
  • Visa application fees
  • Any other personal costs

Full scholarship

Approximately 50 full scholarships will be granted, and competition is high. Since there are so few full scholarships, you increase your chances if you apply for a partial scholarship and can pay a portion of the fees yourself, or find other sources of funding.

Full scholarships may include:

  • Basic fee (on-campus)
  • Additional fees (if applicable)
  • Pocket money allowance (made available to you upon arrival; excludes recipients from USA and Canada)
  • Plane ticket to and from Norway (excludes recipients from USA and Canada)

Full scholarships DO NOT cover:

  • Visa application fees
  • Travel costs to and from the airport

Priority is given to applicants to Master's courses from countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa or South America with an extremely weak currency against the Norwegian kroner (NOK).

Some earmarked scholarship funds for specific areas cover full scholarships for applicants to Bachelor's courses (as indicated in Scholarships).

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