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University of Nottingham Online Course - The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politicians

Publish Date: Mar 15, 2017

The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politicians

Investigate links between economics and politicians with Sir Vince Cable and leading economists at the University of Nottingham.

Why join the course?

How does economics impact on politicians? And how do politicians impact on economics?

In this three-week course, Sir Vince Cable and a team of leading economists at the University of Nottingham will explain the links between politics and economics.

You will explore these links by looking at the work of major political figures and the key economic ideas they adopted.

You will study both contemporary economics – for example exploring responses to the financial crisis of 2008 – and some of the political leaders who have put key economic theories into practice throughout history.

These are political figures from around the world who have changed economic history, including Alexander Hamilton, Sir Robert Peel, the Mejii Emperor, FD Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher and Deng Xiaoping. The economic policies and practices of these former leaders are still having an impact on our world today.

Learn from experts in the field

The course is led by Sir Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (2010-2015) and Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Nottingham. His experience combines the theoretical knowledge of a trained economist with practical experience gained in government.

You will also learn from leading economists at the University of Nottingham, including Head of School Professor Kevin Lee and Professor of Political Economy Cecilia Testa.

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