University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarship 2017, Ireland


January 31, 2017


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UCD Global Excellence Scholarship - China

The University College Dublin Global Excellence Scholarship is established to attract the best and brightest of undergraduate students from China.  The financial awards range from 25-100% annual tuition.  The scholarships are renewed annually based on acceptable academic performance as described in the Terms and Conditions.

The scholarships are based on an applicant’s academic performance in high school and Gaokao scores (for undergradaute awards) , or undergraduate results (for graduate awards), as well as personal statement.

Recipients who maintain and acceptable cumulative grade point average will retain their scholarships each academic year.  

Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship - China Terms and Conditions [October 2016]

1) The Scholarship Program is funded by UCD International and aims to attract excellent candidates to the UCD’s undergraduate programs and encourage early application;

2) Scholarships are open to self-funding candidates;

3) Applicants must be Chinese, current residents of China and classified as non-EU for tuition fee and application purposes;

4) In order to be eligible to apply for this advertised scholarship, applicants must have ‘Offer’, ‘Conditional Offer’, ‘Accept’ or ‘Conditional Accept’ status associated with their application.

5) Successful candidates will be selected on merit paired with a holistic review of their scholarship application;

6) Only applications received before January 31st 2017 will be considered;

7) Decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee and candidates will be notified within two weeks of the committee decision;

8) Once scholarship awards are issued, students must accept this offer by the specified method within two weeks of the notification being distributed by the committee. It is the student’s responsibility to formally accept the scholarship offer, a non-response will be considered as declining the offer.

9) Students awarded a scholarship must commit to participating in student panels, focus groups, blogs and other activities as requested by UCD International;

10) A student who withdraws, cancels or becomes inactive, enrols less than full-time, is suspended, or dismissed from the University will lose his/her scholarship eligibility. A student who takes such a status due to medical reasons may appeal in writing to Scholarship Committee to have his/her scholarship reinstated. The appeal must be submitted with supporting documentation, such as a letter from a doctor. In such a case, for there to be a possibility for reinstatement, a student’s leave from the University cannot exceed two consecutive semesters;

11) A student who declines an initial offer of admission and accompanying scholarship offer will not retain his/her scholarship offer if he/she reapplies at a later date.

12) Continuous full time enrolment and attendance is required to retain a scholarship award;

13) The issued scholarship will be deducted from your University fee account.

14) Scholarships are renewable annually subject to the student maintaining an annual grade point average of no less than 3.08/4.2 (upper second class).

15) Scholarship awards are applicable to full time undergraduate programmes this is excluding all clinical programmes.

16) This scholarship is not eligible to be combined with any other tuition scholarship;

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