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University Access Cceour - Business Foundation, Padworth College, UK

Publish Date: Mar 16, 2016

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This is a one-year foundation business course which acts in place of A Levels as an entrance qualification to British Universities.


The course is designed to improve academic achievement in the subjects which students plan to study at University, to foster the more analytical approach to learning which is required in British universities and to ensure that students attain the standard of English required to successfully undertake a degree course. Students work in small classes of 10-12students facilitating individual attention and tuition from the highly qualified and experienced teachers.

The course requires three terms of study, normally September to June. In very exceptional circumstances a university may accept a two-term course starting in January, but is more likely to require a student to continue classes through July and August. Most university programmes in Britain start in late September or early October. However the University of Buckingham offers courses beginning in January and therefore accepts students from Padworth who begin the course in January and complete it in December.

The Business Foundation course has four compulsory components. All students study courses in Business, Law, Finance and ICT. Students who need to improve their English in order to achieve the minimum entrance requirement receive about 6 hours of intensive language teaching per week.


Throughout the year, students compile s a portfolio of coursework which includes a series of written assignments. Internal examinations take place mid-year to monitor progress and at the end of the course. The overall result is an average of the grades for the coursework and the final written examination, both of which are internally assessed.

University Entrance

Padworth has an excellent record in placing its Access students on university courses. We provide individual counselling for each student to support and guide them in the selection and application process. The course is recognised by an increasing number of British universities as an entrance qualification for undergraduate study and in recent years, students who have successfully completed the course have been admitted, or have been offered a place by the following universities:

St Andrews University

Exeter University

Aston University Business School




Royal Holloway College

University of London

Brunel University




University of Buckingham

Coventry University

University of Kent




Middlesex University

Oxford Brookes University

South Bank University




University of Surrey

Cardiff University

Winchester University




Whilst the University Access course provides an entry qualification for a wide range of courses at British Universities, students interested in the University Access course are advised that some of the more competitive degree courses are only open to students with at

least 3 A Levels. Padworth provides a comprehensive range of A Level courses and specialist English Language support for all students.

Entry requirements

The course is especially suitable for students aged 17+ wishing to go to university in the UK who have completed their high school education but who have not taken A Level examinations or their equivalent. With regard to level of English, we will usually require an IELTS equivalent of 5.0.

Please visit Global Education Fair 2016 in Yerevan (9 April 2016, Best Western Congress Hotel, Picasso Hall ) for more information about this program

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