Training Cours - The Game of Wellness, 9-17 December 2016, Czech Republic

Publish Date: Oct 04, 2016

Deadline: Oct 10, 2016

Event Dates: from Dec 09, 2016 12:00 to Dec 17, 2016 12:00


Game of wellness is an Erasmus+ training course which aims to introduce and explore concept of “wellness” as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and introduce practical and fun tools and strategies of promoting holistic health and personal development in young people and youth workers. We will focus both on the personal and professional development, how the concept of wellness can empower both the youth workers and the young people they are working with. We wish to support our participants to find ways to healthier, more joyful and sustainable lifestyle and approach to work.

Why this course?

We see youthwork as a demanding profession that requires a lot from their professionals. Youth workers, educators and trainers across countries and cultures start working with passion, dedicate their dreams and often their free time to their work. Unfortunately, many in their everyday reality face lack of resources, time, social recognition or meaning which too often results in burnt out youth workers that no longer enjoy their work. A burnt-out youth worker imbalances his work-life and as a result of a growing amount of associated stressors loses his initial energy, ideas, creativity, inspiration and patience that are so crucial in his work that addresses topics and issues that are important but difficult to repair or work on due to their complexity.

(there is a need for self-care, work-life balance, sense of purpose in our work)

Aiming to support balanced development of youth requires teaching a lot “in between the lines”, teaching by example, carrying the bigger picture on mind and distributing available time and energy where it is most needed. A burnt-out youth worker is disconnected and teaches bad example - his work is not engaging, it is not systematic and tends to become routine, tedious, unhealthy and costly which negatively affects the youth worker himself, his youth and his organization, but consequently also his community, the society and even the profession as such.

(there is a need for creativity, inspiration, support and holistic and comprehensive framework for our work)

Working Methods

The activities will be based on non-formal and experiential learning methodologies, all centered on different aspects of health in the context of youthwork. For broadening the understanding of health beyond the physical dimension, we will use the concept of wellness that is described as a holistic model of health that addresses all 4 dimensions of health as defined by World Health Organisation (physical, mental, social, spiritual well-being). One of the trainers is a certified wellness coach and there is also a medical doctor in our team, so we will use their expertise and experiences, as well as the participants’ inputs and the beauties of the near natural surroundings, when promoting wellness and health as metaphors and tools for personal, organisational and societal development.

Training objectives:

  • - to promote and explore concepts of “wellness”, health and work-life balance in the context of youth work; and the dissemination of these concepts and principles among young people,
  • - to empower and motivate youth workers to develop and organize activities that support wellbeing and healthy lifestyle in their communities and organisations,
  • - to introduce practical tools as frameworks for promoting holistic health, personal development, resilience and conflict resolution in young people/youth workers/organisations (including experiential methods and practical principles of gamification),
  • - to explore strategies/methods how to make personal and professional practice of a youth worker more healthy, joyful, resilient and holistic,
  • - add inspiration, creative tools and approaches to their practice with emphasis on the uplifting aspects of youth work and to develop specific action plan of its implementation.

When and where? Venue and dates

Dates of the training course: 9-17 December 2016

- 9th December – arrival day
- from 10th until 16th December – training (7 full days) - 17th December – departure day

The training course will take place in the Czech Republic, close to the city of Brno, in a beautiful ecological scouts and environment education centre Kaprálův Mlýn. The venue is in a natural area near the city, easily reached by transport from Brno. International participants can fly either directly to Brno, or to Prague, Vienna or Bratislava - which all have excellent connections to Brno.

Topics of the course

Health and wellness – Participants will be more informed and health conscious, they will know what health/wellness is and will respect the interconnections and importance of different areas of humans and their lives in specific cultural, societal and spiritual contexts. They will be able to apply this framework on their work, programming, everyday life as well as overall strategy in their home organisations.

Self-care – Participants will be better aware of their own health, knowing their strengths, needs and opportunities for growth, and will be able to effectively combine them with the needs of others, in their work and life. They will be able to take care of themselves in order to serve better to others.

Educational activities design/gamification of health – Participants will be ready and motivated to implement new activities and make their work more effective in empowering their target groups to be happier and healthier, using methods and approaches introduced on the training course. During the tc they will have several opportunities to organise a block of program and the actual learning will be captured in the personal project that will follow the holistic methodology presented in the tc.

Group – Participants will gain a personal experience with experiential group work and its impact on ones' wellbeing. By the end of the course they will be able to facilitate a supportive and safe environment that enhances personal and professional learning and growing in a group or community.


The training course has been funded through Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme. 

Accommodation and meals during the training course will be provided. The travel costs of the participants will be refunded after the training course (after participants send all their travel documents etc.) to this maximum amounts:

 Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom – 275 EUR  Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic – 180 EUR

Participation fee: Money shouldn’t be the only obstacle against your participation - therefore we suggest a sliding scale from 40 to 100€ for participation fee. We want to give you the possibility to self- evaluate how much you can contribute financially, and how much you consider a fair fee for 8 days training programme.

Who is this course for?

We aim to have an overall number of 27 participants: 3 participants from each of the 9 participating countries. You can apply for this training course if you are from the following countries:

Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.

We created this course for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers and educators who:

  • are involved in youth work and are active in their communities,

  • want to explore strategies/methods how to make their personal and professional practice in youth work more "healthy" for all involved parties,

  • are ready to explore and reflect on these topic in an experiential training course, in a community setting and in closer contact with nature,

  • are able and ready to work in English and in international group of participants,

  • are motivated and willing to commit to work on the objectives of the training courses and participate in the whole duration of the project,

  • are willing to use the acquired skills in future activities and to develop future partnerships.

The participants must be over 18 years and have a communicative level of English so that they can participate fully in a program in English.


If you want to participate in this training course, please, fill in the application form available at "Further official information" link below this article.

The deadline for applications submission is 10th October 2016 (included). The selections results will be published on 17th October 2016.


Please, address your questions to the course email:

For more information click "Further official information" below.

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