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Touro College Berlin Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management 2017, Germany

Publish Date: Aug 09, 2017

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management

The American Bachelor of Science degree can be completed in up to eight semesters. Students must complete a minimum of 120 American college credits (40 courses).

The management programs aim to develop leadership skills and to expose students to the tools used in the business world. With a strong focus on communication, cultural fluency and decision-making in diverse environments, the programs qualify for management careers in organizations with global ties. These can be large multinational organizations, but also start-ups and small- and medium-sized organizations with a need for cross-border perspectives.

General education

The general education part of the American program helps you to gain broader perspectives besides your technical knowledge. This is important not only because German Human resource managers explicitly demand more of this quality from their hires from private universities. This is important not only because research has shown that knowledge in general education differentiates the successful German top managers from their less successful counterparts in advanced careers. This is important not only because a broad education offers you full access to Master studies in the American university system. The most important point is that openness and a profound general knowledge help you to develop a rich personality and prepares you for a good and satisfied life.

Required general education - core requirements

GSM 001 Developmental Math (by placement) 0 credits
GLL 110 Introduction to College Writing (or exemption) 4 credits
GLL 121 College Writing I 4 credits
GLL 122 College Writing II 4 credits
GLL 202 Introduction to American Literature 3 credits
GLL 232 Multicultural American Literature 3 credits
GSM 130 + GSM 132 College Mathematics & Workshop 4 credits
HIS 106 History of the United States 1877-Present 3 credits
POL 101 American Political System 3 credits
GJS 124 Modern Jewish History 3 credits
GJS 262 History of the Holocaust 3 credits
GCA 101 Public Speaking 3 credits
GCO 120 Fundamentals of Computers with Microcomputer Application 3 credits
BIO/GSS Natural Science (Psychology majors must choose BIO 101) 3-4 credits

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