Tips to Think over when you Prepare for a Job Interview

Publish Date: Feb 15, 2016

Nervous About a Job Interview? Prepare for it!

Worrying about a job interview is natural. Each and every one goes through this many times before getting our dream job. Getting ready for a job interview is a great learning route, so make sure you consider the tips below, when you prepare for it.

Read the job description very carefully!!!

Make sure you understand well the duties you are expected to undertake. Make an approximate list of questions, that you think the job interviewers will ask concerning the job responsibilities announced. Think of direct answers to these questions. Do not over or under estimate your previous experience related to job responsibilities that are mentioned in the job description.

Do not provide long answers to direct questions. Keep to the facts and not just history of what you think is important. Keep your answer maximum close to the question asked.

Learn Every Detail About the Interviewer and the Company!

It is important to know well the company that has invited you to an interview for a job. Checking the website, reading reports, reading the corporate social responsibility blog, googling any information that relates to the interviewing company is an absolute must! Explore the past projects of this company, look at their goals and expansion ambitions, check out people’s feedback on what they do on social media.

Some companies delegate selection of their personnel to HR consultancies and, yes, the same rule of “knowing every detail” concerns the interviewing company too.

Rethink about Your Short-term and Long-term goals!

The interviewers will, definitely, ask you about your plans and the question usually sounds “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. The intention behind this questions is to reveal your leadership potential, your career ambitions and your own personal development goal. This is the most important question and the interviewers expect to get an exact answer.

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