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The Women Innovators, Inventors International Awards 2017, Italy


April 01, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - The Women Innovators, Inventors International Awards 2017, Italy

About the awards

The 6th Bi-annual International European Women’s Invention, Innovation & Enterprise Network will take place from 28 to 29 June in Bari, Italy.

The event will focus on relevant issues relating to intellectual property rights, growing enterprises, with a particular focus on exceptionally creative ideas, innovation and technologies. 

About the awards

The International EU-WIIN awards aim to showcase the work of innovative women. They can be entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, designers, etc.

Nomination Criteria

We are looking for exceptionally creative, inventive, innovative, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technologists, designers from all sectors and background right across Europe. Our winners may be very different, but they will have in common: tenacity, the determination to succeed, commitment, extraordinary potential, someone whose positive influence could spread, transcending borders, something that can contribute to the future and quality of life on earth.

They may also have created a new device or system or process capable of impacting millions of people for the better. They may be brilliant scientists, or the inspired designers of simple, cheap technologies.

They may have leadership qualities, attract loyalty and respect. They may inspire the support of colleagues and employees. They may build powerful teams, capable of dramatically leveraging the impact of their efforts. They are likely to be relentless in pursuing their goals. They hardly ever give up.

If you would like to nominate someone for the INTERNATIONAL EU-WIIN Awards, please follow the instructions below. Please complete in English and print in block capital letters.

Nomination Instructions:

  1. The deadline for receipt of an award nomination is 1 April 2017. Nominations received after the deadline will be held for consideration for the following year.

  2. You can not self-nominate however the nominee is expected to agree to the nomination and sign the terms and agreement for nomination below.

  3. Please complete all the information asked for below.

  4. After completing this form/checklist, please email it as an attached MS-Word document to (our mail box may become too full, please copy your attached nomination to )

  5. We will confirm receipt of your submission, but we cannot comment on the status of a nomination after it is received.

  6. Please note that should the judges need further information they will contact the nominator or/and nominee by email directly.


  1. Lone Inventor

  2. Lone Innovator

  3. Exceptional Creative Women with item, concept or service

  4. Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Micro-enterprise or New start up business with no more than 10 employees

  5. Exceptionally Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Small business with more than 10 to 49 employees

  6. Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Medium sized Industry with more than 50 – 250 employees

  7. Exceptional Creative, Inventive, or Innovative Women In Large Industry with more than 250 employees

  8. Innovative Capacity Building Initiatives or Projects

  9. Exceptional Creative Women/ Inventors/Innovators In Higher Education & Learning Institutions

  10. Women in Product Design and Development

  11. Inventive or innovative team (the woman needs to have made a significant contribution to be recognised and all members of the team must agree to the nomination).

  12. Chairman’s Discretionary Award

  13. Lifetime Achievement Award


*UNDER 25 YOUNG INVENTORS & INNOVATORS: young people (female & male) solving problems in a variety of ingenious ways that provide opportunities and impact on the quality of life on many.

*SOCIAL INNOVATION: women led social innovations with strategies, concepts and ideas that have a social purpose, meet social needs and contribute to a better quality of life for many. A special emphasis on

GWIIN © 2015 All rights reserved.

community development projects that focus on knowledge and learning opportunities, social housing, healthy living and environmental improvements to name a few.

*DIGITAL INNOVATION: relevance in the social mobile, analytics and cloud arena. Special focus would be on the use of digital concepts, products and services that interact with the business community as well as those having a social impact.

*OPEN INNOVATION: presenting opportunities towards a open way of innovating and have created great impact and success


  •   Arts & Crafts
  •   Automobile
  •   Design
  •   Education
  •   Food
  •   Health
  •   Information Technology, Electronics or Communication (ICT)
  •   Mother & Child Items
  •   Personal Care & Beauty
  •   Recycled and Environmentally friendly products
  •   Science / Technology / Engineering
  •   Special Section for Posthumous Awards
  •   Textile & Fashion
  •   Other

For more information click "Further official information" below.

Eligible Countries
Host Country
Publish Date
March 07, 2017


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