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The Migration Media Award 2017, Malta


March 31, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - The Migration Media Award 2017, Malta

About the award

The Migration Media Award will recognise and reward the excellence, relevance and newsworthiness of up to 36 journalism pieces dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region in all its aspects. The award consists of winning an EU-funded contract (from 500 Euros up to a maximum of 7000 euros) to produce a new original,  more detailed, more researched content covering a topic in relation to migration in the Euro-Mediterranean area. This will result in up to 36 further journalistic pieces of work.

The selection is based on submitted entries that have already been published/aired (with supporting evidence) together with a pitch/synopsis for a second original production to be financed under the award scheme. Proven capacity and documented intent to publish/air content is a key element for eligibility which is open to all journalists and media houses based on both sides of the Mediterranean. Funding varies in amount and will be adapted by the Award funding partners to the needs of the new production proposed, within the limits and in the competition guidelines, and submitted to the approval of the European Commission's Directorate General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR). Selection of the 36 winning entries and pitches will be made through a three tier process: first an eligibility check, then content evaluation and scoring by media professionals and finally, selection and contracting of winners among the top scored entries by the Award Partners‘ Steering Committee.  Funding of the award will be provided and approved by DG NEAR. Copyright of all 36 winning entries, and of the 36 new original award-funded work, based on a three-month production period, will be shared with the European Commission.

Eligibility and Application

The “Migration Media Award” is an award for journalists covering migration in the Mediterranean region. Journalists or media houses from either an EU country or an EU South Partner Country (SPC) are eligible to participate by submitting together a/ an already published journalistic work that covers a migration-related topic in or around the Mediterranean, either as an entire region or in one or several Mediterranean countries b/ a pitch/synopsis for a second original production to be financed under the award scheme.

Works may be presented by a Media organisation but the prize will be awarded to the journalist that created the work, the Media organisation receiving the money and the future work that would be supported by the award would need to be done by the awarded journalist.

Further information on eligibility criteria is available under the FAQ section.

The evaluation of all eligible entries will take place in three languages – English, French and Arabic – and in four categories – TV, radio, print, online. As a result, there will be 3 x 4 = 12 winners. Since a first, second and third prize are foreseen in each language and category, there will be 12 x 3 = 36 winners, generating a total of 36 winning stories.

The following criteria will be considered for shortlisting and selecting of award winners:

  1. The entry must have been published between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.
  2. The content of the entry must be related to migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region; the Migration Media Award is limited to the Mediterranean region in terms of its regional scope.
  3. The entry must either have been published in English, French or Arabic. Submission of published work in other languages requires the production to be accompanied by a translation into English, French or Arabic.
  4. Each entry must be accompanied with a 300 word synopsis detailing the pitch for further production to be financed should it win the award.
  5. The entry must be accompanied by a form which, among others, guarantees the implementing partners of the award shared copyright with partners and ultimately, with the European Union, and the permission to republish a winning entry entirely and in multiple languages.
  6. Each entry must be accompanied by a brief description of circa 300 words detailing the reason/newsworthiness of the angle chosen and any difficulties encountered during the published production.

Who is involved?

Several partners have come together on the initiative of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development ICMPD to jointly develop the EU-funded Migration Media Award, announced on 25 January 2017 under the auspices of Malta’s EU presidency.

The award competition is a collaboration of the EU-funded projects Euromed Migration IV and the Open Media Hub, in partnership with the European Asylum Support Office and Malta’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Euromed Migration IV

EUROMED Migration IV (EMM4) is a EU-funded initiative which is implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development ICMPD. EMM4 aims to reach a balanced approach to migration policy-making by facilitating open and constructive exchanges between EU Member States and ENI South Partner Countries (SPC) on challenges and opportunities, and rights and responsibilities of all concerned. It operates within instrumental guiding frameworks such as the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. 

Shaped by the results of the EMM3 (2012-15), EMM4’s horizontal activities emphasise communication and regional actions to disseminate a more positive narrative on migration. The European Agenda on Migration, a joint endeavour of the EU Member States to define shared responsibilities for migration governance, highlights the importance of building a ‘coherent and comprehensive approach’ to addressing the narrative of migration, and outlines the often misguided and misinformed manner with which it is portrayed and how this can negatively impact society and the way in which it is ‘governed’ at a local, national and international level.

EMM4 has developed the idea of the Migration Media Award as a first activity related to its mandate and overall approach described above.


The content of the entry must be related to migration issue in the Mediterranean region;

The criteria for evaluation of all entries shall be conducted by a jury composed of media professionals, using a scoring board which will include:

  1. Journalistic quality (Accuracy, newsworthiness and human interest, angle, relevance/balance of sources and relevance of quotes, narrative structure, fairness, useful background information)
  2. Technical quality (illustration/sound/image structure and dynamics, technical quality of content and editing),
  3. Consideration of the social-economic context and media rights (Cultural consideration, Means and possibilities available to the journalist, innovative approach, dissemination and indication of audience reach)

For the proposed further story: Clarity and quality of the proposal, relevance of the choice of angle, storytelling approach, potential impact on the target audience and general public.

Scoring for the proposal for a further production would amount to one third of total result, while scoring of the published production amounts to two thirds.

Tentative winners will be contacted to agree on the financial levels of support for the new production before the award is confirmed. Financial level of the awards may vary according to the envisaged production and local costs: the amounts range from 500 euros for a 3rd prize in print to a maximum of 7000 euros for a 1st prize in Television.

For more information click "Further official information" below.

Host Country
Event Type
Publish Date
February 24, 2017


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