The Danish Summer Language Scholarships, Denmark

Publish Date: Oct 13, 2016


Students can apply for a scholarship under the Cultural Agreements programme to attend a Danish Summer Language Course.


The summer language courses in Danish are open to bachelor's, master's and PhD students.
The summer language course scholarships are available for students enrolled in full-degree programmes in institutions of higher education in the following countries:

Group 1

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom.
Japan (4 scholarships available)

Group 2

  • Israel (3 scholarships available. One of these scholarships is reserved for a teacher from Danmarksskolen in Israel).
  • Russia (6 scholarships available)
  • The following institutions in China (exclusively):
  1. Beijing Foreign Studies University, The Danish Department
  2. Fudan University, College of Foreign Language and Literatures, Shanghai
  3. The Institute of European Language and Culture, Beijing

Group 3

Selected institutions in Canada and USA: 

University of British Columbia, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Vancouver, Canada
Portland State University, Dept. of Foreign language and Literature, Portland, OR
University of California, Department of Scandinavian Studies, Berkeley, CA
University of California, The Scandinavian Section, Los Angeles, CA
University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Boulder, CO
University of Texas at Austin, Department of Germanic Studies, Austin, TX
University of Washington, Scandinavian Department, Seattle, WA
University of Wisconsin, Department. of Scandinavian Studies, Madison, WI

Applications from candidates enrolled in higher education institutions in countries other than those listed above will not be taken into consideration.


The Danish Summer Language Courses offer foreign students Danish language instruction at all levels, while showcasing Denmark and Danish culture. Courses feature a minimum of 3 hours of language instruction a day accompanied by excursions and cultural activities.
The Danish Summer Language Courses last 3 weeks and are offered during the months of July and August each year. The courses are offered by a number of different course providers, located in different regions of Denmark. You may access the list of course providers and the description of courses via the original web page.

How To Apply?

Applicants from Group 1 and 3 should apply directly to the course organiser.

Please be aware of the following before applying:

  • IMPORTANT! Students are advised to apply for one course only. You will, however, be able to select a second choice, in case you cannot be placed in the course that you have picked as your first choice. Students who apply several places will not be able to select the course themselves, but will be placed by the Agency to the best of its judgement.
  • These language courses are not ECTS awarding courses.
  • Course organisers reserve the right to consider the distribution of nationalities in the final selection of candidates for the summer language courses. Previous experience has shown that overrepresentation of any nationality on the individual course is not desirable.

It is recommend accepted applicants needing a visa to contact the Danish diplomatic representation in their home country well in advance of their entry into Denmark.

Applicants from Group 2 should use the following application form:

Application form Danish Summer Language Courses (Group 2) will be made available from January 1, 2017

The application should be submitted as follows:

For students from Israel: please submit your application to the relevant national authority (The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Danish Embassy).

For students from Russia: please submit your application to the relevant lecturer in Danish in Russia. The lecturer should then submit his/her list of nominated candidates, as well as their applications, directly to the Agency for Higher Education. If you do not have a lecturer in Danish please submit your application by e-mail to

For students from China: please submit your application to the relevant lecturer in Danish in China or to the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Please note that you can NOT apply directly to the Danish Agency for Higher Education.

Incomplete applications will NOT be taken into consideration.

Please note:

The application deadline for the Danish Summer Language Scholarships for the summer 2017 will be published in the beginning of 2017.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be prioritized according to specific criteria. The selection of candidates is done according to the following criteria.

Mandatory Selection Criteria

The applicant must fulfil these three criteria in order to qualify for the scholarship

  • The applicant is either a bachelor's, master's or PhD student.
  • The applicant is NOT enrolled as a full-degree student in Denmark.
  • The applicant is NOT enrolled as an exchange student at a Danish higher education institution at the time of application for a Danish Summer Language Course.

Other Selection Criteria

These criteria are not mandatory but will improve the applicant’s standing in the selection process.

  • The applicant is nominated by a lecturer who teaches Danish abroad. If you would like to be recommended by a lecturer, be sure to contact the lecturer before you apply. The recommendation letter should be sent together with the application, or as otherwise specified by the course organiser.
  • The applicant studies Danish or Scandinavian languages and literature.
  • The applicant will start an Erasmus+ stay in Denmark immediately following the Danish Summer Language Course.

The course organisers reserve the right to consider the distribution of nationalities in the final selection of candidates for the summer language courses. Previous experience has shown that overrepresentation of any nationality in an individual course is not desirable.

Financial conditions for the scholarship recipients

Accepted students receive either free tuition and free room and board, or free tuition and a scholarship of 5,000 DKK to cover room and board.
Depending on the course the students will attend, the students will either have to pay for accommodation and meals themselves, or it will be provided by the course organiser:

  • If accommodation and meals are not provided by the course organiser, the students receive a DKK 5,000 scholarship upon arrival to cover accommodation and meals.
  • If accommodation or meals are provided by the course organiser, it will be deducted from the DKK 5,000 scholarship.
  • If  accommodation and meals are provided by the course organiser, students will not receive a scholarship.

Please note that students must cover all travel expenses and other personal expenses (shopping, gifts, souvenirs, etc.) by themselves.

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