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Tapirulan Illustration Contest 2017, Italy

Publish Date: Jul 20, 2016

Deadline: Oct 21, 2016

Please clearly mention in your application form that you learned of this competition through ARMACAD, thanks.

About contest

The purpose of the Tapirulan contest is not only to award an illustrator, but also to produce an exciting show, attract visitors and focus public attention on illustration as  a profession. A rich and colourful exhibition  made up of three sections: the images selected by the jury (usually about 40), the winning illustrations from previous editions, and finally, the works of the special guest illustrator (Renato Casaro for this new edition of the contest). The result is an exhibition of approximately 200 works. Every year we endeavour to add new exhibition venues to the original one, Cremona, which hosts the show between December and January. In the past, the show has been "exported" to Mantova, Ferrara, Parma.
Three years ago Tapirulan started a collaboration with the Municipality of Genova and the Museums of Genova-Nervi and in 2017 the exhibition will be held there for another three months at Villa Grimaldi Fassio in Nervi. We put a lot of time and consideration into the hanging of the work because we believe it is vitally important for the illustrations to be well presented. In this section you will find some photographs of previous editions.


Enrolment conditions

Any Italian or foreign artist can enrol. There is no age limit however underage candidates need parents’ authorization. Every candidate is allowed to submit only one brand-new work. Neither prize-winning works nor works previously mentioned for merit twill be accepted.

Specific techniques used

  • Execution techniques are free.
  • Any work must be square-shaped, not smaller than 25x25 centimetres and not bigger than 40x40 centimetres.
  • If the artwork is applied on a panel or frame, it must not exceed 3 mm in thickness.
  • In case of a digital image it should be 31x31 centimetres (300 dpi – JPG format – best quality).

Theme of the contest

"Ciak" is an onomatopoeic italian word for the clapperboard, the device that symbolises the world of cinema. Its sharp noise has indicated the beginning of many extraordinary scenes, some of which have become embedded in the collective memory. Others are less well-known but just as important for our own personal story. We would like you to reinterpret one of these scenes in an illustration.

Rules concerning the dispatch of works

In order to take part in the contest, candidates can choose between two ways:

  • They can fill in the relevant form that can be found on the followingweb address:
  • They can send their work by mail together with the relevant form which must
    be filled in and signed as well as the receipt for payment of the subscription
    fee to the following address:
    Associazione Culturale Tapirulan
    corso XX Settembre 22, 26100 Cremona - Italy

Subscription fee

The subscription fee is 10 euros.

Selection of works and winners

A jury will select, by an unappealable decision, 40 works to be published in the catalogue and to be displayed in the exhibition. Among the 40 works selected, 12 will also be published on the calendar. Then a 2.000 euros prize will be awarded. The prize winner will be invited - in the next edition - to be part of the jury and to exhibit his works in a solo show at Spazio Tapirulan in Cremona. The 40 works selected by the jury will be published on line on the following website: www.tapirulan.it/illustraorscontest. All the registered subscribers of tapirulan.it will be able to express their preferential votes. The artist who will get most of the votes will be awarded a 500 euros prize. If the most voted candidate is also the winner selected by the jury, the prize will be awarded to the artist who cames second in the list on line.

About jury

Special guest and president of the jury - Renato Casaro,

Sylvie Bello, illustrator (winner of the eleventh edition of Tapirulan Illustrators Contest),

Piero Di Domenico, University of Bologna, movie critic,

Ale Giorgini, president of Associazione Illustri,

Mariaflora Giubilei, director of Musei di Genova-Nervi,

Sandra Gobbato, director of Mutty,

Simone Sbarbati, editor-in-chief of Frizzifrizzi magazine, 

Guido Scarabottolo, illustrator,

Fabio Toninelli, president of Associazione Tapirulan,

Giuseppe Zapelloni, La Grande Illusion edition.


2.000 euros – First prize awarded by the jury. The winner will be invited for a solo exhibition at Spazio Tapirulan in the next edition of the competition.
The winning work will also be published on the Annual of the "Autori di Immagini" Association
500 euros – Prize awarded by the registered subscribers.
The 40 artists whose works will be published in the catalogue will receive a copy of the catalogue and a copy of the calendar.
All the candidates will be given a free copy of the calendar during the prize-giving ceremony.

For more information click "Further official information" below. 

Please clearly mention in your application form that you learned of this competition through ARMACAD, thanks.


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