Summer School - Hands-on Physics, 11-18 August 2015, University of Twente, Netherlands

Publish Date: Jul 07, 2015

Deadline: Aug 01, 2015

Event Dates: from Aug 11, 2015 12:00 to Aug 18, 2015 12:00

About the Summer School

You will take an interactive, hands-on approach to learning about curious and interesting physics phenomena. The topics include:

Physics of Music: Learn about the workings of musical theory and harmonics. Why is a piano string a particular length? Why does the hammer hit it at a certain point? What makes a chord sound good?

Escaping Quicksand: Most fluids can be called Newtonian: the faster they move, the easier they flow. However, quicksand behaves differently. It is closer to a solid when moving faster but liquid at a slower speed. You will make your own quicksand and learn to understand its properties.

Scales in Physics: Physics governs everything from the motion of atoms to the motion of galaxies. You will investigate the different physical phenomena on every scale.


Topics include:

  • The Physics of Music
  • Chaos Machines
  • Games of Sand
  • Escaping Quicksand
  • Quantum Theatre
  • Building Bridges
  • Biological and Soft Systems
  • Tame your Game

For further information or questions please send an email to:


Learn about curious and interesting ideas in physics by taking a hands-on approach.


  • Methods: A mix of group and individual projects, all of them hands-on.
  • Course level: Beginner’s
  • Target group: Bachelor’s students with an interest in physics. 
  • Required knowledge: No previous knowledge required.
  • Course leaders: Prof. Dr. Ir. Bernard Geurts and Dr. Anthony Thornton
  • Credits: 2 ECs on completion of full course. These credits count towards the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Mix & Match: Possible, but you will not receive credits.


To attend the summer school, you pay a standard fee of €750. This includes:

  • Registration
  • A tent to sleep in
  • Course materials
  • WiFi
  • Food
  • Coffee/tea.

For those not comfortable sleeping in a tent for a week, we offer different accommodations for additional costs.

Not included in the fee are personal expenses like travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, etc.), travel insurance and other expenses, as well as accommodation other than a tent.


We offer several accommodation upgrades, including a log cabin and a hotel. A tent (including air mattress and sleeping bag) is included in the standard fee. Read more details about the accommodation options.


Please check the International Office of your University if scholarships are available.


If you have questions, be sure to take a look at the frequently asked questions page. If your question is still unanswered after that, don't hestitate to contact us!


The application deadline is 1 August. However, we encourage students to apply as early as possible as some courses may fill up before the application deadline.

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