Summer Math Program For High School Students, Texax State University, USA

Publish Date: Sep 29, 2016

Deadline: Apr 15, 2017

About the Program

The Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) is an intensive multi-summer program for high school students. The goal of the program is to develop talented students of all socioeconomic backgrounds through immersive and in-depth experiences in an unique learning environment. Students develop important skills for future degrees and careers in math, science, engineering, and many other fields.

The HSMC courses nurture

  • Rigorous reasoning and logic skills (through experiences in mathematical proof-writing)
  • Creative problem identification and solving skills
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Mindsets to tackle open-ended problems
  • Great communication and presentation skills

Students are taught by university faculty, mentored by undergraduate counselors, and share the joy of exploring mathematics with their peers.

The HSMC tuition fee is $4,000 for students who can afford it, but this amount only covers 90% of the true per-student cost of conducting the program, which includes room and board, faculty and staff salaries, and program management. We rely on the generous support of alumni, parents, and other thoughtful donors to provide mathematical opportunities to all interested students.

Eligibility & Admissions

  • We start taking applications in January 1st of each year, and we stop taking applications after April 15th. Decisions are made on a quasi-rolling basis. Applications will no longer be accepted once all spots are filled.
  • We encourage students currently in the 9th or 10th grades or above to apply to our first-year program (Students younger than 9th grade: rare exceptions will be made based on mathematical level and maturity).
  • Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible, as enrollment is limited to 60 openings split between first-year and returning students. Applications will not be considered until all parts have been received (application, teacher recommendation, and transcript).
  • To maintain the quality of the program, we accept a maximum of 32 first-year (first time) students.
  • Our average acceptance rate for first-year applicants has been 20%.
  • The typical ratio of boys to girls in the program is 1:1.
  • Participants come from all over the United States. We have also had a few international students from other countries, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Spain, China, and Indonesia.

Expenses and Financial Aid

  • The full tuition fee is $4,000.
  • Your student's spot in the summer math program is ensured only when you have paid in full.
  • The payment deadline is May 10th.
  • Mathworks offers camp scholarships based on financial need. We make all efforts to ensure that students can attend regardless of financial background. Simply fill out the financial aid portion of the application.
  • The program provides room, board, books, supplies and a copy of the software Mathematica for each student to use during the school year. Students will need approximately $20 per week for laundry and miscellaneous expenses.

Course Descriptions

  • Elementary Number Theory provides a solid foundation for all students in mathematics. This course covers basic properties of integer arithmetic, including unique prime factorization, Euclid’s algorithm, Diophantine equations, modular arithmetic, congruences, induction, well-ordering, quadratic residues and quadratic reciprocity.
  • Mathematica Computer Lab enables students to explore the application of ideas discussed in the Number Theory and Problem Solving courses. Students use the Mathematica software to model real world problems. Specific applications include coding theory, public key encryption, testing for primes, and the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
  • Honors Seminar - modeled after Honors Programs offered at many top-tier colleges, the Honors Seminar is an interdisciplinary course that challenges students intellectually through rigorous standards of analysis, preparing them to conduct their own research in the future. Hands-on learning experiences introduce students to concepts of teamwork and critical thinking. Reading discussions and guest speakers add fundamental and thought-provoking theories from multiple perspectives. The capstone project for the course is an entrepreneurship activity that includes a final group presentation.
  • Combinatorics, Abstract Algebra, and Analysis, provide returning students with a firm foundation in fundamental areas of mathematics, while building on ideas from the first year.
  • Study Group - students are assigned into groups of 3 or 4, and provided guidance by an undergraduate mentor (counselor) to work on the daily problem sets. This intensive collaboration allows students to delve deeply into the mathematics, and think carefully about each question. Teamwork and communication skills are developed as students work together in the exploration of mathematical theorems.

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