Seminar - Open Rurality in Rural Social Innovation, 11-18 September 2016, Italy

Publish Date: Jul 08, 2016

Deadline: Jul 31, 2016

Event Dates: from Sep 11, 2016 12:00 to Sep 18, 2016 12:00

About seminar

The overall objective of the seminar is to support the growth of human and social capital at European level, through a project of international mobility geared to the exploration of a topic of global interest: OPEN RURALITY gives space and voice to our definition(s) of “rural social innovation”, facilitating critical reflection on what is meant by this tag, globally and locally, in Europe and in particular in the countries involved in the project, allowing us to participate actively in the international debate and creating a dimension of “open rurality” through the dissemination of project results.

The aims of "OPEN RURALITY"

  • Increase in participants the level of awareness on the issue of rural social innovation and its high potential impact in social change;
  • Trigger a peer-to-peer learning process and methodology through NFE/NFL by sharing best practices, experiences and rural social innovation projects, with particular reference to the participating countries;
  • Establish a “common understanding” on the topic;
  • Compare the “common understanding” with direct experience in the field, meeting local rural-social projects locate near the venue of the seminar;
  • Create and disseminate, with a shared communication strategy, an “open database” containing all the information and data co-generated during the seminar.

The seminar will include a special day of exploring the field of rural social innovation, during which we will encourage personal and group empowerment, personal and group problem-solving attitudes, in order to enhance the language and emphatic skills, to improve intercultural awareness and open up synergies with rural-social local organizations and projects.

Participants also will be invited to prepare themselves  for the workshop by collecting in a pre-departure research all the possible information about stories, projects, laws and statistics related to the issue of rural social innovation in their countries.

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes are:

  • Raising awareness of the seminar topic/emerging phenomenon;
  • Be able to identify the differences and peculiarities of rural soc inn projects;
  • Recognize and promote the value and potential of local and international development originating from the rural soc inn projects;
  • Recognize and promote the value and potential of local and international development originating from the rural soc inn projects;
  • Making direct field experience and discover, in the light of shared reflection, rural projects aimed at social innovation [output: “Photo (video) voice gallery”];
  • To experience “smart rurality” [output: all the results of the communication campaign and all the seminar outputs].

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