Scholarships for International Students, Indiana University, USA

Publish Date: Oct 05, 2015

Deadline: Nov 15, 2015

Scholarships for International Students

Freshmen Scholarships

The IUPUI Honors College offers high ability incoming freshmen the opportunity to apply for the Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program, the Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship, the Plater International Scholars Program, and the IUPUI Chancellor’s Scholarship. *Students may apply for our competitive scholarships programs by submitting the IUPUI Honors College Online Scholarship Application, the required essay(s), scholarship résumé and two letters of recommendation. All scholarship application materials must be received by November 15, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. *Please note: students who wish to apply for only the Chancellor’s Scholarship do not need to submit a scholarship résumé or letters of recommendation.

IUPUI Honors College competitive scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A cumulative high school GPA of 3.75 (weighted)
  • A minimum ACT composite score of 28 or SAT score of 1250 or higher (SAT critical reading and math scores combined)
  • Complete the IUPUI Honors College Online Scholarship Application.

Helpful Hints

  • Apply for admission early! In order to be considered for these competitive scholarship programs, you must apply for admission to IUPUI by November 15.Visit for application materials and information.
  • Incoming freshmen interested in admission to the Honors College must apply and be selected for an Honors College scholarship.
  • Applications are accepted only from individuals who will be entering the university as beginning freshmen (transfer and graduate students are not eligible for consideration). Applicants must intend to begin their studies in the fall semester.
  • Semifinalists for these scholarship programs are selected based on a variety of factors: strength of the academic curriculum in high school, standardized test results, grade trends, and qualities as specified in each scholarship program.
  • Students selected to interview as the final step of the application process for the Bepko, Presidential and Plater Scholarships will be notified by phone and or e-mail in mid-December, and will be interviewed by IUPUI faculty and staff in early January.
  • In-State scholarship amounts are inclusive of any admission-based scholarship for which a student may be eligible.

Bepko Scholars and Fellowa Program

The Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program is designed for students who demonstrate integrity, dedication, leadership, and a commitment to service. This competitive scholarship program provides financial, academic, and programming support to academically motivated and civically engaged students throughout their undergraduate and post-graduate years. Students selected for this scholarship program receive undergraduate tuition, program fees, a $2,500 study abroad stipend, and books for four years of study. Bepko Scholars also receive two years of on-campus housing and are required to live in the Honors Residential Learning Community their freshman year. Bepko Scholars who attend IUPUI for graduate or professional study receive $5,000 per year for four years and are named Bepko Fellows. Applicants must be Indiana residents.

Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program Essay:

In a 1000-word typed essay, discuss the importance and purpose of providing service to others. Describe your involvement with service and what you have learned from those experiences. How do you plan to integrate a commitment to service into your college experience? Describe how a commitment to service will help you accomplish your personal and professional goals at IUPUI.

Adam W. Herbert Presidental Scholars Program

Indiana University offers Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarships to outstanding Indiana high school seniors with extensive leadership experience. This competitive scholarship program is designed to further develop scholars' leadership abilities by providing excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities. Students selected for this scholarship program receive $12,000 per year for four years of study, a laptop, $2,500 for a study abroad experience, and a $1,500 housing stipend freshman year for on-campus housing. Selection requirements vary by campus, and offers of an Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship on one IU campus do not automatically extend to all campuses of the university. Applicants must be Indiana residents.

Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program Essay:

Leadership is an important characteristic of our Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars.

In a 1000-word typed essay, discuss the characteristics and skills of a successful 21st century leader. Describe a successful leadership experience you have had, and what traits make you a successful leader. How do you plan to enhance your leadership skills to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals at IUPUI?

Plater International Scholars Program

The Plater International Scholars Program is designed for outstanding incoming freshmen who are committed to combining academic excellence with global citizenship. This competitive scholarship program is for students with an interest in international affairs and cross-cultural experiences. Plater International Scholars will be actively involved in international programming, both off and on campus. In close cooperation with the Office of International Affairs, recipients of the Plater International Scholarship will be exposed to high profile international visitors, international seminars, and lectures. Indiana residents selected for this scholarship program receive $12,000 per year for four years of study, $2,500 for a study abroad experience, and a $2,500 housing stipend for their freshman year.

Plater International Scholars Program Essay:
Plater International Scholars possess a strong interest in international experiences and global awareness.

In a 1000-word typed essay, discuss the importance of globalization and cross-cultural competency. How have you improved your global awareness and understanding of different cultures? As a Plater International Scholar at IUPUI, what international experiences would you like to pursue and why?

One international Non-Resident student will be selected for the Plater International Scholarship. This individual is eligible to receive the amounts listed above as well as the admission-based IUPUI Outstanding Scholarship.

Chancellor's Scholars Program

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is designed for highly motivated, well-rounded incoming freshmen who have excelled in high school and are committed to academic excellence. This competitive scholarship program offers Indiana residents $8,000 annually for 4 years. Non-Resident students will receive $19,000 for 4 years.  Please note this scholarship amount is inclusive of any admission-based scholarship for which the student may be eligible.

In an essay not to exceed 500 words, please explain why you want to attend IUPUI and why it is important to you to be a member of the IUPUI Honors College.




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