Residency for Artists and Anthropologists, 14-23 September 2017, Italy


June 30, 2017


Event Date:

September 14, 2017 - September 23, 2017

Opportunity Cover Image - Residency for Artists and Anthropologists, 14-23 September 2017, Italy


Osservatorio Scientifico Regionale "Edward C. Banfield"

Residency for artists and anthropologists
Chiaromonte (Italy)
14-23 September 2017

The residency will be focused on community, a concept always active and debated in the anthropological studies and used in contemporary art. The concept of community is related to the book The Moral Bases of a Backward Society by Edward C. Banfield, the American
anthropologist that enquired the local society of Chiaromonte in 1954.
The residency is based on the dialogue between contemporary art and anthropology. It wants explore the wide range of meanings of the concept of community in Chiaromonte: sense of belonging, civic commitment, solidarity, ethical economies, construction of identity, etc.
Participants will be encouraged to collaborative methods involving the inhabitants of Chiaromonte and the migrants temporary living in the town.
The participants will be supported to create artistic-ethnographic works: public art projects, community art, installations, exhibitions, video, photo-reportage, performance, software, etc.

Who can apply

Application is open to artists and anthropologists interested in the dialogue between art and anthropology. Knowing English and Italian is required.
Max 10 participants will be admitted.

How to apply

Submit your CV and/or portfolio, above all specifying your experiences of participation to
artistic projects and/or your interest in art/anthropology.
Send your application (Subject: RESIDENCY)
Applications will be valued by Tatsuo Inagaki and Francesco Marano.

Applications should be sent within 30 June 2017.

Conditions of participation
Accommodation (in double or single bed room) and dinner will be offered by Municipality of Chiaromonte. Lunch is not included. Breakfast can be prepared in the communal kitchen with food provided by the organizers.
Travel and other costs are in charge of the participants.
Laptop, photocamera, videocamera, mic, editing software and other tools will be not provided.

Coming: 13 September 2017.
First day of the residency: 14 September 2017.
Latest day of the residency, presentation of the works: 24 September 2017.
Departure of the participants: 24 September 2017.

More info
Write to (don’t send your application to this email address, please)

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June 29, 2017
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