Research Fellowship in the Field of Dance 2017, Center for Dance Studies in Cologne, Germany

Publish Date: May 03, 2017

About the program

Cologne is the ideal location for research in the field of dance, a situation that is further supported in both content and structure through the Research Center for Dance Studies, the German Dance Archive in Cologne (DTK), and the Conservatory for Music and Dance (HfMT).

The DTK posses one of the most internationally renowned and comprehensive collections of estates, photographs, historical newspapers and magazines, current publications, video recordings and visual arts works directly relevant to dance history. Accordingly, the Dance Archive provides an excellent foundation for research in dance studies. The curated exhibitions in the affiliated dance museum allow the archive to engage in a wide range of dance dissemination possibilities. Furthermore, the HfMT is the only institution in Germany which offers the possibility for doctoral promotion explicitly in dance studies. This is an integral part of a continuously growing research orientation at the Center for Contemporary Dance (CCD) at the HfMT. Along with the Masters program in dance studies, various research projects, international conferences and artistic research as an integral part of the studies program, the CCD offers a varied and inspiring context for a wide spectrum of research on and through dance.

Both the CCD and the Dance Archive Cologne equally seek to support the exploration of dance in its breadth, as both institutions benefit from their cooperation. The Dance Archive has been an affiliated institute on the HfMT since 2012 with the goal of fostering cooperation between both institutions. To that end, the expansion of the cooperation in the areas of teachers and research, especially in regard to post-doctoral research is actively fostered. The “Research Center for Dance Studies” is a building block towards this goal, by contributing to the financial support for dance studies research and by emphasising the importance of the Dance Archive Cologne towards dance studies research. It also seeks to satisfy the needs of international scholarly researchers, providing necessary institutional connections in Germany, so that they may apply for research stipends (DAAD, Fulbright etc.) to complete their research at the Dance Archive Cologne.

Awarding of the Scholarship for “Research Field Dance Studies”

The “Research Field Dance Studies”- a cooperation between the German Dance Archive Cologne and the College for Music and Dance in Cologne (HfMT) is awarding four to six scholarships yearly in the amount of 1000-1500 Euro to international Post Doctoral and Doctoral students with the goal of inviting these researchers into cooperative work in Cologne. The desire is to support a portion of the dance studies research and to establish meaningful networks between the researchers and the Dance Archive in Cologne. This years scholarship will be awarded to the French dance researcher Laure Guilbert for her research on exile and diaspora in the German artistic dance scene between the years of 1933 and 1949 especially dealing with cultural history and questions surrounding transnational migration. Guilbert will, within the frame of this scholarship, present, for discussion, her innovative research on dance history at the Center for Contemporary dance as well as within a block seminar for the masters students in dance studies. The awarding of this prize will occur within the frame of the symposium “Creating access. How dance studies and art can profit from cultural heritage.” as well as within the awarding of the German Dance Studies Prize 2017.

Application Requirements

The “Research Center for dance studies” offers institutional connection as well as access to dance research happening in Cologne. Foreign doctoral and post-doctoral researchers are not only guest researchers, but can also profit from participating in colloquiums, symposiums and workshops as well as through exchanges with dance researchers in Cologne and other international Guests.

The researcher will also be provided with support for the duration of their residency (1-6 months) from the Professor for Dance Studies.

Furthermore, the guest researchers of the Research Center for dance studies will be afforded special access to the Dance Archive Cologne (extended hours).

The Research Center for dance studies is interested in supporting high caliber and interdisciplinary research in dance studies that explicitly works with the Dance Archive in Cologne. With this goal in mind, the Research Center awards stipends, organises Symposiums and publishes research. Researchers without an external stipend can apply for four to six yearly awarded stipends ranging from 1000-1500€. Among the requirements for this stipend is a four to six week residency in the city of Cologne, within the active academic calendar (Oct.-Jan. or April-June) as well as a presentation and discussion of the research in the colloquium. It is wished of the stipend recipient that they present their field of research in a short seminar, presentation, or workshop with the students of the Center for Contemporary Dance in Cologne and/or offer a presentation within the frame of events at the Dance Archive in Cologne. The desire is to also support the fomentation of innovative ideas in dance dissemination and dance studies from historical research.

How To Apply

To apply send an Expose as well as information regarding the current state of the research, c.v., and information regarding institutional connections to:

A committee of dance scholars - at least one from the CCD and one from The DTK- will make their decisions regarding the applications within 8 weeks. The awarding of the stipends is not compulsory.

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