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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, Sweden

Publish Date: Feb 19, 2016

Uppsala University is an international research university focused on the development of science and education. Our most important assets are all the individuals who with their curiosity and their dedication make Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting work places. Uppsala University has 40,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 6,5 billion.

Information about IBF: The Institute for Housing and Urban Research (IBF) is a multidisciplinary research institute with a focus on housing and urban issues. IBF belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University and conducts research, in a broad sense, directed towards housing, the built environment, and urban issues.The institute employs around 40 people, among which the majority are researchers and PhD students. The main disciplinary affiliations of IBF researchers are human geography, economics, sociology and political science. Each discipline has one professorship, one lectureship, one research assistant position and two PhD positions. In addition, economic history and psychology are represented. The different disciplines form the basis of the academic work, but interaction between them also provides important contributions in the form of thematically oriented research. IBF works actively with equality in the workplace.

Description of the research area: The current research in political science at the institute covers a broad spectrum of research issues, for example questions on housing politics, the welfare state, urban politics as well as migration and ethnic relations. The researchers are using qualitative as well as quantitative methods.

Period of employment: The post of Postdoctoral research fellow may be held for up to four years.

Duties: The employment concerns research within the research area of the institute (80 %) as well as teaching and supervision at the Department of Political Science (20 %). Further relevant duties are taking part in common research activities at the institute (seminars, research applications etc).

Qualifications required: To be eligible for employment as a postdoctoral research fellow, applicants must hold a PhD or have achieved equivalent scientific expertise and must meet the requirements for teaching skills. Preferably, the applicant will have completed a PhD or achieved equivalent expertise no more than seven years before the application deadline. The applicant should have completed five weeks of department-relevant teacher training at the higher education level, or be deemed to have equivalent knowledge.

Under Uppsala University's appointment regulations, it is also a general eligibility requirement that teachers possess the personal qualities necessary to capably perform the duties of the post.

Applicants must have the ability to teach in Swedish and English. Any appointee who is only proficient in one of these languages at the start of employment must be able to also teach in the other language within two years.

Assessment criteria: When selecting among eligible applicants, special emphasis will be placed on research expertise. Due to the nature of the post, as temporary employment with the potential for promotion to a permanent post, the applicant’s research and teaching qualifications will be assessed primarily in qualitative terms. An applicant’s quantitative advantage, i.e. an applicant who has been working for a longer period of time, will thus not be decisive.

Research expertise: Research expertise refers to research qualifications. When assessing research expertise, special emphasis will be placed on research qualifications relating to housing and urban politics. In the assessment of research expertise, primary consideration will be given to research quality. Importance will also be given to the scope of research, in terms of both breadth and depth, and to the applicant’s usage of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Teaching expertise: Teaching expertise will be assessed as carefully as research expertise. Teaching skills refer to educational and teaching qualifications, and teaching quality will be the prime consideration.

Additionally, special emphasis will be placed on the applicant’s potential to contribute to the future development of both research and education.

Qualifications should be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.

When Uppsala University appoints new teachers, the applicants selected are those who, following a qualitative total assessment of expertise and merits, are judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties and contribute to a positive development of the department.

The Recruitment Committee may in this recruitment come to use interviews, trial-lectures and referrals. The applicant should therefore submit a list of referees with insight into the applicant’s professional skill as well as personal qualities that may be of relevance for the position, e.g. ability to cooperate, ability to lead and working methods.

Personal circumstances (such as full or part-time parental leave, trade union appointments, military service, or similar) that may benefit the applicants in the assessment of qualifications should be included in the list of qualifications and experience (Curriculum Vitae).

How to apply: A full application is submitted to Uppsala University's application system. The application shall include: 

  • Letter of application
  • List of appendices
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Account of academic qualifications
  • List of publications
  • Account of teaching qualifications
  • Account of other qualifications
  • Academic works and any educational works being brought to bear
  • List of referees

Please see Instructions to applicants for appointment as postdoctoral research fellow

Please note that the application and appendices should be submitted electronically to the recruitment system My Network. Any academic works not submitted electronically are to be submitted in triplicate in paper form to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala marked dnr UFV-PA 2015/2329.

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