Phi Beta Psi Charity Trust Cancer Research Grants 2017

Publish Date: Apr 26, 2017

Deadline: Jun 15, 2017

National Project
2016-2017 Research Grants

At the 2016 National Convention held in Cleveland, OH, the membership voted to give $336,132.00 total in research grants.  The six (6) doctors listed below each received $52,022.00 for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Each request for funding is reviewed and evaluated by a volunteer Medical Advisory Board, consisting of five (5) leading researchers at major research institutions across the country.  After their rating of each proposal, the Phi Beta Psi Board of Directors makes the final decision of which grants will be presented to the membership for approval.

All researchers who are approved for funding must submit a progress report at the end of the fiscal year.  They must explain how and where the money was spent, and the results that occurred.  Their grants will be extended for a second year if the Medical Advisory Board feels that progress is being made.

The goal of the Phi Beta Psi Charity Trust is to advance cancer research nationwide to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment by providing research grants to qualified investigators addressing original questions and hypotheses to be explored in basic and clinical studies in the field of cancer. Research applications must be focused on brain, breast, colorectal, endometrial, lung, ovarian, pancreatic or prostate cancer.  Preference is given to Young Investigators with documented evidence of potential for conducting novel research of either basic or clinical aspects of cancer and cancer-related problems.  Applications from Established Investigators exploring new and innovative areas of cancer research also will be considered.

One hard copy AND an electronic file of the complete grant application containing each of the following items are to be submitted 

  1. Cover Page indicating the name, affiliation and contact information of the Principal Investigator and the university or institutional official fiscally responsible for managing research grant funding. Institutional approval must be granted in writing before an application is submitted. Because Phi Beta Psi Charity Trust is a non-profit organization, no overhead costs are allowed.
  2. Biographical Sketch of the Principal Investigator and other key personnel in NIH 398 Format with on-going research support (not to exceed 5 pages).
  3. Research Plan (Description of proposed research, sections a-e, may not exceed 10 pages total)
    1. Background related to the proposal with citations of relevant scientific references
    2. Specific Aims of the research investigation/s (including the hypotheses) and the long-term goals with a clear indication of the manner in which the investigations will address the goals of the Phi Beta Psi Charity Trust.
    3. Preliminary Results supporting the hypothesis and approach proposed
    4. Scientific Approach and Rationale including Methods and Resources to be employed. If research involves patients or their tissues, Human Subjects Protection must be documented.
    5. Innovation or Clinical Relevance (i.e., application of results to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and biology of cancer).
  4. Copies of four (4) of the relevant recent research publications of the Principal Investigator.
  5. Budget (not in an NIH modular format) indicating the amounts requested for a) personnel and fringe benefits (salaries of the Principal Investigators may not be included in the budget), b) consumable supplies and c) other expenses with justifications for each category.

Applications for grants must be submitted to the office of the National Second Vice President by Thursday, June 15, 2017 to be considered for funding in 2018.  A Medical Advisory Board composed of five (5) doctoral-level scientists/clinical scientists with backgrounds and expertise in cancer research is charged with the review of the applications submitted.   The Phi Beta Psi board of Directors evaluates the reviews of the Medical Advisory Board, taking into consideration the goals of the Cancer Research Program.  A list of recommended grant recipients is submitted to the delegation for approval at the National Convention, held each July.

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