Peace in Progress Award 2015, International Catalan Institute for Peace

Publish Date: May 27, 2015

Deadline: Jun 30, 2015

The International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) calls for nomi- nations for the ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2015. This award aims to reward and publicly recognize individuals, organizations or insti- tutions that have made a significant contribution toward promoting and fostering peace.



1. Purpose

The ICIP Award, to be granted on an annual basis, aims to reward those individuals, organizations or institutions that throughout their existence have had an important role in building and promot- ing peace, encouraging values and practices of a culture of peace, nonviolence, human security, disarmament or the peaceful resolu- tion of conflicts.

2. Award

The ICIP Peace in Progress Award 2015 consists of an honorary distinction, public recognition, a sculpture created by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a 4,000€ reward.

3.Potential beneficiaries

Eligible for this Award are those individuals, public or private non- profit organizations or institutions from around the world that throughout their actions and career have made ​an outstanding contribution to the construction and promotion of peace.

No awards will be awarded posthumously


Nominations may be submitted by individuals, public or private non-profitorganizations or institutions with an outstanding role in the field of the promotion and fostering of peace.

Applications where the proposed and proposing person, organiza- tion or institution are the same will be excluded. Notwithstanding, applications in which the proposing organization or institution maintains or has maintained a relationship with the candidate will be accepted.

Nominations that were not successful in previous editions may be submitted again this year.

Applications must be submitted following the standard nomina- tion form electronically or in paper format.

-Paper applications must be submitted at the ICIP office (C. Tap- ineria 10, 3r. 08002 Barcelona, Spain). Applications may also be handed in and registered at Spanish post offices or at official organs of the Spanish Public Administration with “registros ad- ministrativos”. Sending in a nomination from outside of Spain can be done by handing in and registering the documentation at one of the Diplomatic Representations of Spain consular offices abroad or by sending it by regular mail. It should be noted, how- ever, that if the nomination is sent by mail, it will be registered with the date on which the documentation reaches the ICIP of- fice; whereas registration at a diplomatic consular post shall be with the date of presentation at the consular office. Moreover,

ICIP does not accept any responsibility in case the nomination is lost or misplaced in the mail and therefore not registered before the deadline for submitting applications.

-E-submissions must be registered through the Virtual Citizen

Care Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya


Formoreinformationorclarificationregardingthedifferentwaysto submit an application, please contact ICIP staff at +34 93 554 42 86 or e-mail to


Nominations must be accompanied by the following documentation:

-Dully completed nomination form, as referred to above.

-Copy of the agreement of the governing body of the organization that is presenting a nomination, approving the presentation of the nomination.

-Profile or biography of the proposed individual, organization or in- stitution (if you deem it necessary to provide additional details).

-Declaration of the nominee expressing agreement to participate in the competition for the ICIP Award.

If deemed necessary, one may submit letters of support in favour of the individual, organization or institution proposed.

6. Deadlines for submission of proposals

Proposals may be submitted from 17 March 2014 to 30 June 2015.

7. Jury

The Jury of the ICIP Peace in Progress Award will be made up ofmembers of the Governing Board of ICIP.

8. Evaluation criteria

When deciding upon which person, organization or institution is to be granted the ICIP Award, the jury will particularly value the following aspects:

-The merits of the individual, organization or institution, based on the required documentation submitted and, if applicable, ad- ditional publicly available documentation compiled by ICIP.

-The prolonged engagement and strong commitment of the indi- vidual, organization or institution in the construction and promo- tion of peace at an international, national or local level.

-The intrinsic pertinence and relevance of the actions undertaken to promote the values ​explicitly highlighted by the call for nomi- nations.

-The impact and influence of the actions of the individual, organi- zation or institution on society, communities or people in the in- ternational, national or local sphere.

9.Decision and notification of Award decision

The deadline to issue the Award decision and to notify the winning candidate is set at four months from the day after the deadline for submitting applications.

The Award cannot be shared between different candidates.

The Award will not be granted if, in the opinion of the majority of the jury, none of the candidates is considered to sufficiently qualify the evaluation criteria.

The Award will be granted by agreement of the Governing Board of ICIP. The decision will be notified to the awarded person, organi- zation or institution and will be published in the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC, Catalonia Official Bulletin) and on the ICIP website.

This document is a summary of the official call for nominations and award criteria of the 2015 ICIP Peace in Progress Award. Only the official documents have legal validity. They are published in Catalan and Spanish in DOGC 6831 of 16 March 2015.

This opportunity has expired. It was originally published here:

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