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Oxford Royal Academy Global Leadership Programme, UK

Publish Date: Oct 02, 2015


The Global Leadership Programme is designed to provide the young leaders of tomorrow with a summer course consisting of lectures, discussions and workshops that tackle the key issues faced by global leaders today and in the future. The Global Leadership Programme introduces students to the international community of which all leaders are a part, and the ways in which changing social, political and economic conditions shape the role a leader plays within the context of current affairs.

Academic Content

Students will focus on the study of political theory, philosophy, sociology and contemporary international relations, and will examine the economic context of current affairs. On this programme students will think about the challenges faced by today’s leaders, and will examine case studies of contemporary world leaders. Students will be encouraged to consider their own responses to these challenges, and will be asked to apply these ideas in interactive workshops as well as seminar-style discussions. The programme is suitable both for those seeking general exposure to the subjects covered and for those who aim to pursue further education in the field of politics and related subjects. Hence the course consists of two units: 1. Theoretical consideration and discussion of relevant contemporary political debates (teacher-led). 2. Interactive workshops (student-led). The Global Leadership Programme will tackle a wide range of issues and questions, including:

  • human nature, the individual and society;
  • equality, social justice and welfare;
  • power and the art of government;
  • political ideologies;
  • economic globalisation;
  • the changing world order in the 21st Century;
  • identity, culture and challenges to the West;
  • nuclear weapons, proliferation and the politics of disarmament;
  • GLOBAL FUTURES the world in 2035.

Reading List

Andrew Heywood, Politics, 2nd edn. (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2002), pp. 3-23. Consider the questions on p. 22.

Andrew Heywood, Global Politics, (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), pp. 1-24. Consider the question on p.24

Learning Objectives

The course aims to:

  • introduce students to the disciplines of (global) politics, philosophy, economics and sociology as they relate to global leadership;
  • examine contemporary global issues through interactive workshops, debates, classroom discussion and presentations;
  • aid students in developing and articulating their views on subjects under discussion through class debates, group presentation, short written assignments and in the workshops;
  • foster analytical and intellectual awareness in students’ written and oral communication/arguments.

By the end of the course students will have:

  • understood the key issues facing global leaders today and in the future;
  • become familiar with the principal theoretical debates underpinning these issues from the perspectives of politics (inclusive of political theory/political philosophy) and global politics (international politics) and political economy;
  • developed and refined their ability to analyse contemporary global issues from various theoretical perspectives and their ability to argue a case confidently and convincingly;
  • advanced their analytical, presentation and debating skills, both written and oral;
  • improved their ability to work individually, as part of a small group and as a class;
  • developed leadership skills such as debating, preparing and delivering speeches and managing others.

Transferable Life Skills

Attendees on the Global Leadership Programme are encouraged to work on important key skills during their time with ORA. We believe that the experience of being away from home, living and studying in a college of the University of Oxford, enables our students to develop a suite of transferable skills that go beyond those available to students in their own school environment. Vital for future success in any career, these skills include:
  • developing strengths in independence, self-regulation and self-assessment;
  • confidence in dealing with a wide range of new people and situations;
  • responsibility for own learning, time management, and working with others;
  • communication skills in speaking, listening, and presenting effective arguments in a variety of different contexts.

Whom is the Global Leadership Programme aimed at?

Oxford Royale Academy’s Global Leadership Programme is aimed at ambitious students aged between sixteen and eighteen, who typically see themselves pursuing a career in politics – perhaps in government or as a diplomat. This course is for you if you’re an aspiring politician and/or global leader; perhaps you even have your sights set on becoming Prime Minister or President one day.

If you’re the sort of person who can’t tear yourself away from watching political debates on BBC Parliament, or can’t stop reading the political comment section of your favourite newspaper, you’ll fit right in on the Global Leadership summer programme. Similarly, you’ll probably already know exactly which political party you’re going to vote for when you reach voting age (if you haven’t already), and you’ll have an awareness of political situations in other countries as well as your own. You’ll also have an interest in international relations, and perhaps also in the economy.

You don’t have to see yourself as a future President of the United States to take this summer course, however. You would also benefit from attending the Global Leadership Programme if you simply want to learn more about the fascinating subject of global leadership and international relations, perhaps in support of a related interest in a subject such as economics or sociology. It’s a summer programme that teaches awareness of global issues, so it would enable you to develop a deeper understanding of current affairs as well as enhancing your general knowledge (which is invariably a good thing regardless of the extent of your ambitions).

How will the Global Leadership Programme help me achieve my ambitions?

We’ve carefully put together our Global Leadership Programme with the express intention of helping you take practical steps towards achieving your career ambitions. Attending this course puts your summer to good use, both in growing your knowledge of politics and international relations, and in developing the vital skills you’ll one day need for success in a political or leadership position. These skills include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

Debating – you’ll learn to articulate your views in a persuasive manner, an essential skill in a leadership position of any kind. In a seminar environment, you’ll take part in debates on a variety of subjects and learn how to present your argument effectively, with reference to political theory and to the knowledge you’ll build on during your time with us.

General communication skills – debating isn’t the only communication skill you’ll pick up through attending the Global Leadership summer school. You’ll also have the chance to develop your written communication skills by writing compelling arguments, and you’ll work on your listening skills by hearing and understanding the views put forward by your fellow students. Successful leaders are all characterised by their ability to listen, understand and express themselves, and you’ll go a long way towards growing your own communication skills on this course.

Working alone and in groups – good leaders are able to function effectively by themselves, but are equally comfortable when working with others. That’s why our Global Leadership Programme mixes individual study with group work, including interactive workshops and seminars that allow you to get involved in tasks with other students. This is designed to simulate situations you might face as a leader yourself, when you’ll be required to work with people whose perspectives – religious, cultural, economic, political – may differ from your own.

Intellectual awareness – this course also teaches you to be more intellectually aware of the theory and philosophy behind political issues and situations. This increased awareness is vital for understanding the issues affecting global leaders, and will mean you’re better able to understand political situations and come up with appropriate responses or solutions to them. You’ll look not just at politics, but at philosophy, economics and sociology as a means of getting to grips with the international political stage.

Analytical skills – the situations that global leaders must deal with are frequently complex, and they require strong analytical skills for understanding the multi-faceted issues affecting them. During your time at Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll be involved in discussions about a range of issues affecting global politics, and you’ll get plenty of practice at analysing these issues in order to achieve a deeper understanding of what’s driving them.

Why attend the Global Leadership Programme now?

As someone aged between sixteen and eighteen, you’re at just the right age to start thinking about developing the skills we’ve discussed above. This course has clear long-term career benefits to your political ambitions, but completing this summer programme will also be an advantage to you in the short-term, because the knowledge and transferable skills you’ll pick up during your time with us will also benefit your A-level studies and your shorter-term job prospects. For example, the increased intellectual awareness and confidence you’ll develop during this course will prove invaluable for tackling A-level exam questions, both in politics or international relations papers, and in questions for any subject.

What’s more, your attendance on the Global Leadership Programme is an impressive achievement to discuss in your personal statement when applying for university, showing that you’re someone who’s serious about studying this subject and that you’re proactive in pursuing your goals. Universities will recognise the value of your having attended this course in terms of what you’ve learned and the skills you’ve developed, as this gives you a headstart to the way in which you’ll work and think when studying for a degree. What’s more, the confidence you’ll build through attending the Global Leadership Programme means that you’ll feel more comfortable in an interview situation. Having worked on your oral debating skills during your time at Oxford Royale Academy, you’ll be in a better position to argue a point with an admissions tutor and put your opinion across in a clear and articulate way that’s sure to impress the interviewer.

Our Students

Every summer, ORA welcomes hundreds of the world’s brightest, most academically gifted students to our Oxford courses. In 2015, attendees came from 98 different nations, each bringing with them unique cultures, perspectives and stories to share with their new friends. For the Global Leadership Programme, students from 35 nations attended.

Our Teaching Faculty

At Oxford Royale Academy we are committed to providing our students with the most qualified and high-calibre teaching faculty available. In 2014, over 70 per cent of our faculty was educated or had worked at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities. All Oxford Royale Academy teachers are passionate about their subjects, and are looking forward to passing their knowledge on to their students this summer! For full details of last summer’s teaching faculty, please click here

Guest Lectures and Debates

At ORA, we go the extra mile to enhance the study abroad experience of our students. As part of this, every year our dedicated Events Team organises a series of fascinating guest lectures. In 2014, these took place in the Examination Schools of the University of Oxford, allowing ORA students to experience a lecture in the same environment as a University undergraduate. Guest speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisms, including the worlds of online media, television and academia. Our students also have the opportunity to watch and participate in a number of debates, which take place on campus. These range from formal Panel Debates, involving teaching faculty and other staff, to informal discussions about current “hot topics” led by Counsellors.

Coach Excursions

The United Kingdom has a rich cultural heritage, and a course with Oxford Royale Academy is the perfect way for a young learner to explore this. All ORA courses include coach excursions to places of historical and social significance in the UK. On the Global Leadership Programme, attendees will board the ORA coach to three such destinations. Last summer, coach excursions for students aged 16-18 included visits to Blenheim Palace, Hampton Court and London.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At ORA, we never forget that our students are on holiday! Included with every ORA course is an extra-curricular timetable, carefully designed by our dedicated Events Team to ensure our students have fun, make friends and get the most out of being in Oxford.

Practical Information

  • Flights

    Most students who come to ORA will have to book a flight to the UK. ORA courses do not include flights. Information on the best time to arrive will be on your course confirmation email and in your Welcome Pack.

  • Arrival / Departure Transfers

    ORA offers coach transfers between all of our Oxford campuses and London Heathrow airport, for a small extra charge. We are also able to arrange taxi transfers from all other airports and destinations, again at an extra charge. For more information,please click here.

  • Scholarships

    Every year, ORA offers a number of scholarships to talented students aged 16-18 from around the world. If you would like to read more about the financial aid we can offer, please click here.

  • Welcome Reception and Graduation

    Parents / family are welcome to attend these events at the start and end of their student’s course. For more information, please contact our Registrations Department on

  • Medical and Dietary Information

    All students who enrol are required to complete our Medical and Dietary Information form. A link will be emailed to all students once their enrolment is confirmed.

Eligibility and Pre-requisites

Students on the Global Leadership Programme:

  • Must conform to our Age Policy.
  • Must be fluent or near-fluent English language speakers – if you are unsure whether your English level is suitable for this programme, please contact our Registrations Team on and they will be able to assist you.
  • Must be able to fulfil the basic requirements of the programme, in terms of attendance at lessons, meals and events. Please contact our Registrations Team for more detailed information.
  • Should check the pre-requisites of each option they select before enrolling, to ensure they possess the necessary knowledge to benefit from the subject matter discussed in the classes.

Dates, Fees and Locations

Course LengthCourse DatesCourse FeesLocation
2 weeks
3 Jul – 16 Jul 3,895 GBP TBC
17 Jul – 30 Jul 3,895 GBP TBC
31 Jul – 13 Aug 3,895 GBP Yarnton Manor

How to Apply

If you are ready to apply now, the quickest and easiest way to secure your place on the Global Leadership Programme for 2016 is online. You will need to know which subjects you would like to study (a first choice and a reserve choice is required for each list), as well as a valid credit or debit card to submit the deposit payment of GBP 795.00 (we regret that we are not able to accept American Express as a form of payment).

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