Open Society Foundations Regional Community Centers Programs 2018

Publish Date: Sep 22, 2017

Deadline: Dec 31, 2017

Regional Community Centers Programs

The Open Society Foundations are offering support to Hungary through the New Community Programs for Hungary, a new line of funding of 250 million HUF focused on social issues and arts and cultural projects.

Since 1984, the Open Society Foundations have invested over $400 million in helping to improve the lives of millions of Hungarians from free school breakfasts to fighting corruption, to distributing scholarships and improving conditions in public hospitals.

We are proud to further develop our work and engagement in Hungary through the Regional Community Centers Programs in the Northern Great Plain and Southern Transdanubia. For details on the Arts for Community Programs in Budapest, please visit the dedicated grant page.

Hungary faces serious challenges in tackling poverty and social problems. In line with our mission to support local communities tackle local issues, we are branching our programming in two disadvantaged regions of the country. We will partner with the Alternative Communities Association in Debrecen and With the Power of Humanity Foundation in Pecs, which will provide technical services in physical resource offices for civil society organizations, organize training courses, seminars, and debates on issues relevant to local communities, and fund small-size projects of local organizations.

Alternative Communities Association and With the Power of Humanity Foundation will each distribute nearly 100 million HUF to organizations and individuals best placed to address community issues: poverty, access to education, public health, and other pressing local problems identified by local people. The projects will be selected through open calls. The details will be announced before the end of September by both organizations locally.


Applications should be submitted directly to the two partner organizations.

For more information on applications, please contact the staff of Alternative Communities Association and With the Power of Humanity Foundation:

  • Alternative Communities Association
  • With the Power of Humanity Foundationi

For more information please click "Further Official Information" below.

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